Tales of few words.

100 word stories:#1-The VIOLET blouse

Those 100 words.

The violet blouse she had on was a pretty little thing. It was made of net at the neck and the front was covered in cute, tiny, pink polka dots. It buttoned up to her throat. And the stuff looked expensive. Really,really expensive. The satiny feel!*Sighs*
Her face, though, was an entirely different story. She looked alert and lost, all at the same time. Her eyes had that far away look. The longish sleeves covered her Bruised arms and the tear in the material at her waist,which she was so desperately trying to hide,said it all.


Emotions · Poetry



The pale walls,
The filthy curtains,
Dirty floor,
Unmade bed.
I shrink in the corner,
With tear stained cheeks,
Alert,I sit.
Crashing noises reach me through the cracked window.
I flung myself into the closet,
Sit, peaking through the gap.
Silently I pray.
Hoping,not to be found,
I wait in my sanctuary…