7 Years.

7 saal baad kisi ne pucha

“kyun laut-ti thi baar baar?

Apne aatm-sammaan ko bech diya jaise.”

“koi bhaari karz chukaana tha shayad.

Abhi bhi baaki sa lagta hai kuch.”

Crude translation:

Someone asked me after 7 years,

“Why did you go back again and again?

It’s as if you had no self-respect left.”

“I had to pay off a heavy debt, I guess.

I still feel like there’s some more left.”

2 thoughts on “7 Years.

  1. It made me cry. This is exactly how I felt back then. My self respect was murdered ruthlessly at the hands of the person who is a mere stranger now. Or perhaps I shouldn’t be blaming him at all, it must have been my own karma, the debt that was heavy on me was my own doing at some point in my eternal life. ☹😢

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    1. I am so sad to hear you went through that.
      See, you don’t know why what happened happened. So, no point in blaming anybody really. The only peace to be found in this is you came out on top and you found a wonderful person to spend the rest of your life with. So, it’s a win win, don’t you think? This was a path you had to walk to get to where you are. :’)


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