The unnecessary Debris.

When he had walked inside,

He had bled.

The broken pieces of my heart

Had been scattered everywhere.

He had cleaned the wounds,

His and mine.

And then, he had settled in

With a curtain on the broken window

And the cardboard boxes strewn around.

Some to be unpacked.

Others, empty,

With a promise to dispose off

The unnecessary debris.

30 thoughts on “The unnecessary Debris.

    1. Sometimes, it is. For example, here. The empty boxes and stuff symbolise letting go and getting over the hurt of the past. And, the boxes to be unpacked are the beautiful possibilities of future. To make space for the possibilities of future, you got to make space by giving away hurt of the past. The space we are dealing with is limited afterall, isn’t it?:’)
      This doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be disposed off. Getting used to some of it lying around is okay, too. For example, the good memories. Maybe they can be left strewn around the place. Or a couple of boxes of them can be kept in the attic. That’s not disposing off but making space, right?
      Sometimes even the good memories need to be thrown away because they hurt too much.
      My point is, it’s subjective, what needs to be disposed off, what needs to be packed away. It depends from person to person, situation to situation.


      1. Yup I agree, some things we throw. Some things we keep. Though it can be small tiny box but we tend to keep. To be in inertia is natural.
        Also to build something new old has to be destroyed, or at least renew it.
        New is always better.

        BTW did you see LadyBird movie. I saw it few days back. I think you’ll like it too. ✌

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      2. Exactly. Constant changes are a must.:”)

        I haven’t yet. I was planning on downloading it in the next few days. I just came across it a couple of days back. I will tell you as soon as I do.:D

        I just watched The Shape of Water. I had heard so much praise about it. Have you watched it?

        Mostly sticking to horror genre still, by the way. Nostalgia has a huge part to play in my selection of movies to watch. I watched the whole Resident Evil franchise because, well, we have been watching the movies since we were kids. Now I was thinking of downloading the Saw franchise. Again, I have loved it since my first taste. I have been told I am crazy because I like Saw movies though.
        And, of course, I am freaking out because Infinity War is out and I haven’t been able to watch it yet because of lack of decent company to watch it with. And people are dropping spoilers right and left. I might cry if I don’t get to watch it soon. I already know so many of the beautiful MCU people are dead because people can’t keep their mouths shut. I am so crying when I finally watch it. God.

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      3. Given your preferred genre, now I doubt if you will like Ladybird. 😀
        Yup I watched it too. It’s good movie kind of poetic. Story is not that special. But loved other things about it. Cinematography, acting, dialogues. Did you liked it?
        You must have watched “It” then
        Given story is by Stephen king.
        Resident evil is okay. But Saw was much for me. At least it’s better than La La Land.😅 I enjoy horror but not at night. I have method of watching it, day time, all windows doors open, sitting with people around. 🙈 best way is theater, bcoz most people are shouting anyway.
        Yeah Infinity War is on the list. Hope to see it next month. Just finished all the Oscars winning movies. Also I like spoilers, not a fan of surprises. I’m always on the search of spoilers, but I don’t spoil it for others. :-p
        You are weird with your choice of movies though. In a funny way.
        Especially Saw. 😀


      4. Hahahah correction. It’s not my preferred genre. It’s My currently preferred genre. I have a strong urge to watch a lot of similar movies every now and then. That’s what’s happening. Horror+Nostalgia is what is my current obsession. Hence, this.
        I switch genres without a second thought. One moment it’s horror, next it’s a chick flick. Then next is action, then the next is a period drama. I actually watched the Pitch Perfect trilogy right after Resident Evil.*grins*
        Soooo, I might love Ladybird. You never know.

        I know. I didn’t really read the description before I watched it. I might have skipped it otherwise. The whole fantasy angle and historical setting is what pulled me in. But Hawkins’ acting? Wow. And, yes, the dialogues. So many of them floored me. I liked the movie overall. A one time watch, if nothing else.

        Yaaaas. Though I waited a long time. I wanted to read the book first. But in the end, I gave in and watched the movie without reading it. Great movie. But, honestly, not that horrifying.

        Resident Evil is childhood. So.

        I love Saw and Final Destination and other stuff like that.*shrugs*

        Hated La La Land. Ew.

        I watched Veronica at 1ish in a dark room, alone. I thought I would be terrified. But it was meh at best. Not “the most horrifying movie ever made” at all.

        Sigh. I hate spoilers. I actually lost a friend once because she spoiled a movie I had been dying to watch by telling me about the twist at the end. True story.

        I have this whole folder with the title Academy Award Winners but I seldom open it. I am a movie illiterate like that.*hides face*

        I knew you would say that. I just had a feeling.
        I don’t know.


      5. Sorry I guessed it based on what you said about TV shows too.
        I too enjoy hopping from one genre to next. Actually I just read about it and watch it.
        Yup her acting was great. Not just this movie, be it any simple movie too, I have craze for dialogues.
        I also choose movies based on directors. If director is of movie I liked before, I watch the movie. I watched Shape of water bcoz of Guillermo.
        “It” was okay I guess. Not that scary. Also I hate clowns so that must be another reason.
        La la land is worst. Felt like Bollywood.
        My fear of horror started when we were on a night trek. And ended up watching Conjuring at our camp in remote forest. I waited whole night to pee in the morning. 🙈😂😂
        Then I hope I don’t ever give spoilers to you. I know many friends who are furious when movie is spoiled.
        Academy award winners can be boring movies. Most often we never watch it twice.
        Though I watched interstellar again and again.
        Even I don’t know many things about movie. If I like it then it’s good. Better not to go in technicalities.
        Hahaha come on! Saw is really different movie, funny different. I can get about wrong turn. Even I liked it. Not judging, just saying it’s different. *smiles*


      6. Hahah it’s cool. I don’t know how long I am sticking to horror. So, it might be the preferred for a while.
        For TV Shows, I need something to reel me in. Every series needs commitment, right? So, suspense, mystery, thriller, horror, drama, violence, politics…there needs to be something I can count on to turn the tables every once in a while. I will leave it after an episode otherwise. This happened with New Girl and BBT. 1 episode and they were out.

        That’s cool. I am trying that, too. I read the description or watch a trailer and jump in.

        Yess, yes, yes. She’s so good. There was this movie I watched where she played the sister to the protagonist. The movie was depressing and her role was small, but how wonderfully she portrayed the awkward sister hosting her stuck-up newly divorced sister was hilarious.

        Oh. I haven’t tried that approach. I randomly pick movies to read descriptions and decide. Or I pick the movies if they have a certain actor I recognise. Hawkins definitely had a role in picking this one.
        If I am honest with you, I don’t know much about directors.

        Yeah. And, the fact that it focused on kids and we are way beyond that age soothed the mind some, didn’t it? We knew it wouldn’t happen to us, no matter what.:P

        Ugh bollywood is waaaayyy better than La La Land. We know how to do musicals. They don’t know shit.

        Whoa. That sounds terrifying.
        I took my younger cousins to guard the door when I had to pee in between watching Conjuring. I am not even ashamed to admit it. Their house had the bathrooms beside a huge open space way away from the bedroom and eerie shadows were ever present.
        I watch the horror movies alone now. Much braver now.:”)

        Never ever.

        They are, aren’t they? I have been planning since forever to delve into the “best movies ever made”. I haven’t yet.
        I don’t either. I just watch them for the fun of it, I guess.

        Okay.*in a little voice*


      7. Tv series needs all those things, bcoz lot of time is being invested so quality should be good.
        Same here I just watched 10 min of New girl and I was out. Silicon valley is another I stopped after one episode. Tbbt I enjoyed bcoz of science. Also I don’t why I enjoy sitcoms. Maybe they real stress busters.
        Hehehe I forgot about trailers. That’s strong motivation actually, more than some description.
        Yes picking movie based on artists is also cool way. I don’t know but directors work for me. Started with Christopher Nolan’s batman and ended up watching all his movies.
        I used to like Bollywood not all but some movies. But now it’s hard to find good one.
        It was terrifying. 😂😂
        Never did that kinda stunt again.
        If we ever decide to watch, we roommates put it on big screen, home theater and watch it together. So it’s less scary.
        Okay I take it back. *winks* 😜


      8. Aye.
        You aren’t the only one, now are you? So, it’s cool.

        Oooo getting it. I was anti-Batman/Superman/DC for a long time. I never watched a single movie. Especially not Superman. Then I watched the Batman Vs Superman one the dropped a few years ago and I was like, they aren’t THAT bad. I am more of the MCU fan than anything. But I downloaded DCEU. Not that there are many movies in it. But yes. So, I might try watching the numerous movies they came out with before it became DCEU, too, some day.

        Same. But I watch random Bollywood movies every now and then. I watched Chak de India a couple of days back. Yep. Totally do that kind of stuff all the time.
        Now I am really excited for Raazi.

        Hahahah my brother is terrified of horror movies. So, no company there. Not that he lives at home. So, he’s not generally an option anyway. I generally watch them late at night and alone. And yes. I switch off the lights because I don’t like much lights in general. So, it’s a party when I watch a horror movie.
        I have to watch Winchester and Wildling. That’s going to be the setting when the ghosts come out to play.



      9. No I haven’t watched DC movies either. I don’t find it that interesting. Bat man – the dark knight rises was exception to this. I enjoy whole avenger series. But find it difficult when it comes to single superhero movie, like iron man series.
        So marvel is great when it comes to avengers.
        Yes Raazi will be one to watch. It’s lot more different than regular male dominated spy movies. Naam Shabana was also okay I guess.
        In Bollywood too I just watch comedy here and there. And that’s it.
        What’s scary is watching it alone in dark. When I have company then switching off light is preferred. But alone, no.
        Don’t give me more names, I already have big list of movies. But cannot afford to spend time for it. Maybe next month.
        I’ve already planned to take big fat list of movies and new westworld season once I finish with my studies. 😂😂
        Even during this I finished new season of Homeland, Big little lies, Manhunt – Unabomber and academy awards movies. I have sickness… 🙈😕


      10. I am a fan through and through when it comes to MCU. Had a marathon in March for the new release and everything. Haven’t got around to watching it yet. But, well. Soon, hopefully.

        Yaaaas. I am so excited for a Bollywood movie after a long, long time.

        Hahahah I am comfortable with that. Dislike lights in general. I switch on the light in my study counter sometimes though. A little glow never hurt nobody.:”)

        I just downloaded them last week. Haven’t even watched them. Let me watch and then we will decide they are worth recommending or not for next month.


      11. I am a fan through and through when it comes to MCU. Had a marathon in March for the new release and everything. Haven’t got around to watching it yet. But, well. Soon, hopefully.

        Yaaaas. I am so excited for a Bollywood movie after a long, long time.

        Hahahah I am comfortable with that. Dislike lights in general. I switch on the light in my study counter sometimes though. A little glow never hurt nobody.:”)

        I just downloaded them last week. Haven’t even watched them. Let me watch and then we will decide if they are worth recommending or not for next month.:P

        Hahahah best of luck then. I hope you finish with the study material before you start working on the list. God knows i can’t.*hides face*


  1. I guess I’ve moved on quite well. Yet there are boxes untouched, packed waiting to be unpacked. I wonder if the person inside knows how to go about them without tearing them down or perhaps the person is unaware of the boxes that has dulled few parts of my life which has left the very person lost and confused.

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    1. There always are. It’s the hardest thing, the packing and disposing. It takes so much effort and there are so many variables, so many possibilities to get hurt again. It’s painful. But it’s beautiful in the end.
      That person knows. It may take time. But it will be sorted. And, there will be space again. One day. :”’)


      1. I hope so. I am in a better place now of course. I’m married and have a new person in my life now. Still unpacking and discovering new things about each other. I wonder we all have got baggages that we are uncomfortable to expose and even though few things cross our mind rarely, it doesn’t mean that it’s long forgotten, it’s just that it’s clinging on to the old memories and not letting us move on or it has become part of the memory that refuses to budge. But always believe in yourself and love yourself and hopefully everything will fall into it’s place eventually.

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      2. I am so glad to hear that, Shambhavi. Married life treating you beautifully?🌼

        And, I agree with everything you say. It takes time sometimes. But, everything sorts itself out eventually. :”)


      3. I’m not sure if you understand my rant…. I don’t even review what I’ve typed, before sending it.. so forgive me if things don’t make sense.


      4. Believe it or not, I do. No need to review it.
        Ideas change when you reread them. Thoughts rearrange when you go over them again and again. Sometimes the original manuscript tells the most beautiful story, don’t you think? 🙂
        Is that too philosophical?*hides face*


      5. Nope. I couldn’t agree more! 😍 Original manuscript actually holds the adrenaline rush of the thoughts that cease to stay in and are too excited to flow on to the paper .😋😝

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