Not ready to Move On.

Angry with

The past and

All its spoils

She kept pushing

It away.

She wasn’t ready

For the bone-deep

Hurt to engulf


She wasn’t ready

For the gloating.

She wasn’t ready.

She wasn’t sure

She would ever

Be ready.

36 thoughts on “Not ready to Move On.

    1. Yes. The hopes and aspirations are the banks that over flow whenever the desperation induced by hurt becomes too much and floods the surroundings.

      That we do. Somehow.:’)

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      1. It is. Everybody else’s loss is nothing but “Oh God. He can’t get over it.” “Oh my. She’s so stuck in her head, isn’t she?”

        It’s hard to see other’s pain as something that could tear anybody apart. We are like, meh. It’s probably nothing. They are overreacting. Especially when we are battling with any degree of pain of our own. Other’s pain becomes secondary. Or non-existent even. It’s like a torn muscle. We can’t see it. We don’t know their pain.
        And, our own hurt is a broken limb. Visible to the eye, felt by everybody around like “Oh my. That LOOKS painful. Your leg must be hurting so damn bad huh?”


      2. Sigh your comment is throwing me off. You say you have been there. I want to say two reassuring words. Then you laugh. So, I am not so sure anymore?🐥


      3. Yes it was difficult. But I laugh whenever I look back.
        Because it was my creation. Pain was real, but sitting in that funk was my own making. Humor makes it easy to forget how stupid I was.
        You were always reassuring, so no worries… ✌😎


      4. I don’t really agree with that. Being emotional is what we humans survive on. Being extremely is never desirable. But being emotionless isn’t either.
        What I do agree with is something John Osborne said, “Don’t be afraid of being emotional. You won’t die of it.”


      5. It is okay to be emotional. In fact that is what makes us human.
        I was talking about judgement call clouded by emotions.
        Like you said extreme is never useful.
        And I have this coping mechanism where I pretend to be very cynical and ruthless person who is hungry for power.
        It helps in getting some perspective. 🙈


      6. Right. That makes more sense. I was like, he doesn’t come across as that emotionless. But, well.

        Whoa. Does that work in the long run?


      7. Hahaha I’m way too emotional, I just don’t show it. After all I’m Virgo, too shy and introvert to open up.
        No it can be tricky at a times. Lot of conflicting thoughts. I get to see the bad side of me and sometimes can start doubting if I’m normal.
        But mostly it gets work done. I focus on what is important, at least for time being.


      8. 😜 I’m stating the obvious, Virgo people are quite wisdomous.. 😇
        Yes it’s too frustrating, but it’s habit now. Little cynicism is good I guess. Doesn’t everyone has some side they hide?


      9. Hahaha self-praise strikes again.

        I am a cynic at heart. You don’t even have to try to convince me.:’)


  1. I don’t think you’re ever ready, it hits you all of a sudden and suddenly you know that it’s happening and it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to and that moment of revelation is something to strive for

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      1. Sometimes it is. Other times it doesn’t feel like it, to be honest. But since I am a strong believer of “everything happens for a reason”, I try to understand that it had to happen that way and it will be worth it in the end.:)

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