imageAnd, life wouldn’t be so meaningless.
And, life wouldn't be so meaningless.

Ghosts blew through the deserted corridors of his soul like gusts of cold wind. His eyes. It looked like nothing resided in those icy blue globes. But for a fleeting second I saw whole universe swimming in there. Then the shutters dropped as if it never was. That half-grin of his was just that –a wry twist of his lips, trying to hide the real beauty behind it. It was nothing like his real smile. That was a breathtaking sight. When he smiled, people stopped and stared. But he didn’t do it often. No. It was as if he was afraid of smiling; as if the reason behind it would be taken away from him if he showed even a sign that he was a normal, lovable person. He acted like an emotionless, ice-hearted asshole who only did what he wanted to without giving a shit about anyone. But, I saw the truth. I saw that he was a guy with heart of gold and most colorful mind.



66 thoughts on “He.

      1. What the fuck? THOSE AREN’T MY INITIALS.

        Well, we are pseudo-related naa? So, you should know my initials.*smirks*

        Who are ‘they’, AK? Because, they don’t know shit.
        Just like you. 🐽


      2. Yeah, obviously! Gotcha!

        We are. And you have no idea how good I am at Bhai-zoning myself, so you don’t have to take the trouble.
        I do, but you are the one changing them.

        You are ‘they’, AS.
        Looks like you are saying you don’t know shit! Touche.


      3. Hey, we went over this in the beginning. We mutually bhai-zoned you. Not bro-zoned but bhai-zoned.

        Right. Because it’s so much fun changing your intials every other day. Oh, AK. Aren’t you the smartest?

        What planet are you from? Delusion?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’m eating. I’m eating. I’m eating.
        You’re not getting. You’re not getting. You’re not getting.
        You aren’t as nice as you used to be. I would offer you some overwise.🐼


      5. Correction: I ate. I ate. I ate.
        You had your eyes on what’s mine. I burnt my tongue in the process. But, soooo wooooorth it.💗

        Hey stop. Come back from the dark place you go to all the time. I will mail you one the next time. Or you can have a besan ka laddoo?✨


      6. Nooooooooooooo.
        Burnt? Wait, these are fresh! I am coming over!
        I am pretty deep this time. Coming back to all sunshine, greenery and glitter? Nah, hard pass. There’s no place for people (correction, I am the only one, so) me.
        Oh yeah besan ka laddoo will do. Coming right away!


      7. Hahahah nope. Not getting any.

        Heyyy. Stop. Come back to the sugary goodness that will melt in your mouth, if nothing else.

        There’s just one left. *evil grin*

        Liked by 1 person

      8. No, Pushpa. They are real. They are my feelings. They are true. But, I HATE TEARS, PUSHPA. I am crying only for you, Pushpss.:”)


      9. Kya, Pushpa?
        Ro aap rahe ho, aansu hate aap he kar rahe ho? Matlab mirror ke saamne, khud se khud baatein?
        Dramebaaz, like I have said.
        Aur Puspha, mujhse ye aansu nahi dekhe jaate, I hate tears!


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