She was the Sun.

Under the

Veil of


With the



From the sky,

She found

She could

Shine, too.

She was

The damn



4 thoughts on “She was the Sun.

  1. Well how did you come across the idea of designating the gender of basically a huge galatic-nuclear-fusion-supported-heat-and-fire-ball-in-space as female ? Sun could also be male or someone from LGBTQ community ? I could also label the sun as “the gay sun” (though I don’t have facts to support that sun can be gay or female or male) .


    1. Well, isn’t it already male for so many people? We call it chacha, for God’s sake. So is the moon. It’s the mama. We have been making these huge declarations for years. All the other planets are males, too.

      For me, it was just about the properties Sun represents. It shines, it’s bright, and it makes us see past the darkness. It represents good. It represents day after a long, dark night.

      But to answer your question, Sun could be male, or female, or someone from the LGBTQIA community. For the character here, she needed to be the Sun now. Someone else might need to be the Sun another day. It’s a metaphor. It could represent anybody.


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