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Having your back.

imageYou. All you need is you,and the world is a place worth living.
You. All you need is you,and the world is a place worth living.

You know that moment when you feel like you are standing on the edge of paradise,failing to get in? You are at the ledge, just a short step away from falling into that abyss? The cliff that just might act as the last stop of your pitiful existence if you don’t put the brakes fast enough? Or that precipice that just might be the way your death will be recorded for generations to lament? You know that moment when nothing you do seems to be enough? Everything is deemed lacking? You are deemed lacking? That moment when you assume the world to be a happy place, worthy of dramatically beautiful pieces to be written about it, oblivious to the harsh reality, and_boom_the reality hits you in the face? Or that moment when you suddenly realise that there was a different way to go about a problem, or a situation, one which would have actually proved to be the solution?
You know these moments? These really soul-wrenching situations you find yourself in? The times when nothing seems to be in your favor? When you are on the verge of losing all hope, but holding onto that last thread? THAT HOLDING ONTO THAT LAST THREAD IS WHAT MATTERS,YOU KNOW. When nothing seems to be as it should have been, when nothing seems to go your way, when nothing seems to be okay, when everything appears to be messed up, when everybody seems screwed up, when nobody looks like they won’t shit on your faith, but you still hold on, even hold onto that last thread? That’s what I am talking about. That’s what life is all about. Holding onto that delicate thread. And holding on tight. Because the moment you master the art that is holding on no matter what, you let go of all the worries and you become…happy. Because you have faith. Because you have hope. Because you have you. Every moment you lose faith,you lose some bit of yourself. But if you hold on, even a little bit, you know you have yourself, if no one else. And that’s what the game’s all about: Having you. Having you in the long run. Having your back. Having yourself. You. Just…you.


16 thoughts on “Having your back.

      1. My friends like to call me Manps…you might like it too 🙂 otherwise feel free to call me whatever 😊 it’s cool!


  1. I might just add a little suggestion. Instead of the word You. You can replace it by the word “God” because us, humans are limited. But to God nothing is impossible . Having faith in ourselves may lead us to disappointment in the end but if we put it to God then we can look forward oglf having a better result. He can make straight our paths and stand against all odds. GOD bless!! And Nice post by the way.:)

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      1. Sure no prob. your post really impressed me but I think more of God is lacking in the sense of faith and hope that you want to embed to those whom you want to encourage. May God bless you more and the work of your hands.! 🙂

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