Tasting Him.


He brought with him the scent of the rain
The first shower of monsoon.
The decadent smell of earth permeated their nostrils.
They inhaled deeply as if it was their last breath and they were dying.

She couldn’t smell.
She wouldn’t smell.
Instead she chose to taste him.
Breathing him in was as detached as something could be.
She wanted to get so close to him she would feel his soul stir.

Eye contact.
Glances were exchanged, eye to eye.
Smiles were returned, mouth to mouth.
Messages back and forth, heart to heart.

She went up behind him and tasted his neck.
His skin tasted like the most delicious chocolate, a hint of wood, a pinch of bitter.
She could taste the passion wafting from the pores of his skin.
It tasted raw. It tasted real.

She found a drop of sweat ready to roll down the curve where his life beat met his shoulders.
Intermingled with his anger and aggression,
It tasted of his struggles and hard work.
It tasted of salt, grainy with a hint of satisfaction.
He was like the most delicious coffee she sipped on a Sunday afternoon while re-reading her favorite book.

Licking along the rhythmically beating pulse, she discovered his dreams.
He had his own personal universe hidden inside him.
Nobody had discovered it. Nobody had dared.
The rhythm spoke of days past.
It had been steady. It was galloping now.
He wanted her to discover him. He wanted her to know.

She felt the secrets evaporate from the top of his skin.
They were all around her now.
They were all in the air just like his smell.
Nobody realized. Nobody cared.
All they wanted was to soak in the smell of him.
His essence, only she discovered.

She knew she had stumbled upon something special.
It was a gift only she received.
Others weren’t privy to his deep thoughts and beautiful heart.
She was. She knew.

Staring deep into the eyes again,
They discovered each other’s galaxies.
He was ready to taste her now.
He was ready to discover her.
She was ready to be discovered.
She had been starving before.
The satiation came at last.



21 thoughts on “Tasting Him.

    1. Haha I try. Thank you so much for your ever sweet words, V.🎈
      And I will try to write something other than poetry. It comes the most naturally. But I will make an effort.🌸
      And you don’t need to be good with poems. You just need to keep an open mind because they are generally open to interpretation. Whatever you make of it, it becomes true, I believe. We don’t generally know the people who wrote them to get their point of view. So ours is the one that matters. Try and you might discover something wonderful.🌟

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah that’s true…. But I try to read what poet wants to say. Maybe that’s not the way…
        And you are welcome it’s always pleasure to read… Hope u write more often… 😃 have a great weekend!..


      2. Is it alright if I am honest for a second and tell you that I can’t share my number with anybody from WordPress?
        It has nothing to do with you as you are wonderful. But I just want to keep my WordPress and the other parts of my life separate.
        You can email me if you want to talk?


      3. Yeah exactly… I was just thinking about it. Maybe I didn’t think it through. Sorry that was cheap of me… Whatever it medium it is now is okay.
        I even checked to delete that comment.
        Really sorry violet. Hope u forgot about it.


      4. Arrey it’s no big deal. You aren’t the first person to ask for the number. It’s a perfectly normal response because texting is the way of life for us. It wasn’t cheap or anything.
        It’s just me being annoyingly secretive again.
        Chill and don’t worry about it. It’s cool.


      5. Yeah that’s great of u to be cool with it.
        I was already getting ready for packing up WordPress out of embarrassment. Deleted all my posts 😖.
        Maybe I was the narrow minded here… 😏
        Anyway thanks for understanding… U r cool… 😊


      6. *Gasps* A little extreme, don’t you think?
        If you have a falling out with somebody in future, just unfollow them and block them. That’s a better way.*grins*
        I haven’t done that but it’s definitely a better idea than actually deleting your writings
        It’s not being narrow minded. It’s the dealing with me part that’s a little weird. I am not the easiest person to deal with.


      7. And I’m not that good in dealing fallout…
        Last time I had fallout was when I got rid of all social media fb Whatsapp etc. altogether and started this anonymous blog. And also it’s easy without it though…
        I’ll try to do what you suggested from next time…


      8. Uh oh. That does not sound good, bruh.
        Anonymity is treasured by me so much because I can write anything ANYTHING and nobody knows me and hence, no judgements. When you come to know somebody, you judge them on the littlest of things. And I am speaking from experience. I am a very judgemental person, to be honest.
        So, your idea to start the blog sounds like a good one in the situation it comes across as. You just need a place to rant, to crib, to talk, to write, to cry without the fear of judgments.
        I personally believe that whenever some falling out happens it’s actually a good idea to get away and be alone. It makes you think before your actions and helps in either mending or moving on, whichever.

        Yes, do. And when you have had time to cool down, you can always get in touch with those people again. It’s no big deal. It all works out in the end.


      9. Yeah being anonymous helps. It is something secret no one knows but you. That’s reason for me going that way.
        Also that’s reason you are also interesting, I don’t know who you are all I know is your posts. That’s way it should be with ambiguity, mystery and enigmatic!
        Thanks a lot….


      10. It definitely does. I like secrets anyway. *conspiratory smile*
        Hahah so what you are saying is I wouldn’t have been interesting if my blog wasn’t anonymous?*in flat tone with straight face*


      11. Hahaha no not in that sense, u being annoyingly anonymous is just add-on. Blog is already interesting.
        Because I don’t know who you are, I can be frank to comment and also say with comfort that your writing skills are way too much good and creative and literally need to read it twice to understand…. 😃
        Also I can’t make fun of you, like I do with people I know… 😁


      12. Hahahahaha jumping to explanations so fast.
        I was just pulling your leg. *grins*
        Oh? I don’t think it’s a good thing if people have to read my pieces twice to understand. *makes a face*
        I better work on making it easier to understand.
        But thank you so much, anyway. 🎈
        Oh but you can. Making fun is healthy. It reduces awkwardness. Although it’s recently been brought to my notice that when I make fun of people, they cry when they go back home. Literally cry.
        I guess I am not the best person to advise people about making fun. Hm


      13. Hahaha I can be soft doesn’t like to offend or hurt people… Now that I know I can be mischievous from now on. 😈
        Yes it should be simple to understand but as long as one writes fiction or poems, writer should go by her/his natural way. Making it simple will can take signature Wanderingviolet out of it….
        Then I better be in limits, I don’t want to cry….
        And I can go as far as sarcasm… 😜


      14. Hahaha what decade are you from? “Can be mischievous”, bruh?

        Okay, then. Sticking to the need-to-read-twice-to-understand pieces of writing then.

        Bro, you might cry. I have legit examples of people crying because I took it a bit too far. I didn’t realize it at the time of course. But they apparently thought what I said was worth crying over. So.


      15. Yep that was quite old of me…. 😃
        Yeah go with your instincts however Tolkien they may be… It’s awesome anyway…
        Yes I believe you, that’s why I said I don’t want to cry… 😄 just kidding…


    1. Hahah I knew somebody would definitely not let go of the way it sounds. It wasn’t meant to be anything sexual. But when I read it later, that’s exactly what it sounds like.
      And, is it though? It was barely a few licks of her tongue. Is that eating?*smirks*


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