She was a breathtaking being
With poetry wrapped in the silk of her hair
And the deep thoughts glistening in the sweat on her skin.
She was a beauty that was ethereal.
She was magnificent in her existence,
Bleeding emotions all over the plain white of her dress
Woven with threads of mystique.



31 thoughts on “She.

      1. Yeah
        But that’s a beautiful phase to be when you can be free and do whatever you like
        Went for a trekking yesterday
        Feeling relaxed

        How were your exams ?
        What’s new on your agenda ?
        Let’s discuss over mail 🙂


      2. I agree. I see people who just started jobs already fed up with it all one week in. It’s terrifying really. Some hate their boss, some their work, some just the monotonous life. I am thankful I have a few years still, man.
        That’s wonderful.
        I had a 5 hour walk today. Like, not walk walk but I went to this book market that’s very famous in Delhi. I spent 5 hours walking around, looking at books, buying loads of them. And, hence, continuously on my feet for 8 hours. I am lying on my bed like mashed potatoes now. I need to work on my stamina and energy. I have none.*makes a face*
        We can safely assume trekking isn’t my cup of whatever.
        Exams were fine. Result was fine as well. So, finally done with graduation for good. Sigh
        I have started attending coaching classes for masters. So, just that, I guess. Not doing much else these days.:/

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