Her Unfeeling Heart.


Tingling in her palms was the first sign.
Slight, nervous giggle that escaped her lips, the second.
She missed all the signs. At first.
Her heart started beating at the speed of the bullet train.
That’s when she realised that she was feeling again.
There was anticipation. And, nervousness.
There was expectation. And, excitement.
There was activity in the left part of her chest.
It had been stoic for far too long.
She was amazed. She hadn’t felt anything in such a long time.
She was feeling again.
She wanted to feel everything.
She was feeling everything.
There was nothing amiss but one thing.
Her unfeeling heart.



23 thoughts on “Her Unfeeling Heart.

    1. Well, let me break it down for you.
      She’s more or less an emotional vegetable, if that makes sense. She was just breathing.
      There were no emotions. There were no feelings. And her heart was just there, if you know what I mean.
      Now, because of reasons unknown, she’s feeling again. “There’s activity in the left part of her chest”. And she’s amazed by it because she hasn’t felt anything in a long time before now. Now that she’s feeling, there’s only one thing that’s missing. her UNFEELING heart. The heart that didn’t feel isn’t there anymore. Now this could have 2 implications. First, it just means that she’s feeling again. So, the “unfeeling” part is missing. Or it could mean that her “unfeeling heart” is missing. Literally. This could have some supernatural/ fantasy feels. I dunno. I kind of left it open to interpretation. Obviously I didn’t do a very good job.
      So, how about you answer your question for yourself now that you know what the “writer” meant?


      1. The writer’s perspective is somehow justified. And also as I had mentioned that this was too high for mere individual like myself.

        So, I got your point of view. But the only confusing part was that ‘started feeling’ and yet missing the ‘unfeeling heart’. The heart doesn’t have an adjective paired with it all the time. It is usually a phase. Feeling or Unfeeling or anything for that matter, it is just a phase and it passes with time or say changes with circumstances. So, all the feelings a person has are part of the heart. I know I am not making any sense and compared to the intellect of your poem, I am way off on terms of making sense.

        And don’t doubt yourself, I mean your writing. It is an open ended poem for the person reading to interpret it, which I failed to do. I didn’t a good job interpreting.


      2. Mockery. And, exaggeration.

        She isn’t missing it per se. It is what is not there anymore. It’s missing in the sense that it’s not there and not in the I-want-you-back-so-bad sense.

        That phase had probably seemed to last forever; stoic, not changing an iota before now probably. So, she had probably come to associate it with “unfeeling” because of that. Indefinitely, too, if the long time she hasn’t felt anything for can be “indefinitely”, seeing as we don’t know exactly how long she’s been that way.
        And, again, mockery. Sigh

        Let’s agree to disagree.

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      3. What? I am trying very hard to be psychotic? Is that even possible? I just kinda run on extremes most of the times. I contradict myself. Hence, I come across as crazy sometimes.


      4. No. You are misinterpreting, a g a i n.
        You are not crazy. You are not psychotic. Whenever you run towards the extremes or your contradictions, you assume that you are coming across as crazy or psychotic, which in real you are not. Yet, you would tell that you might come off as crazy for doing all that.

        A crazy/psychotic person would never admit that. The exact opposite person does. And even when I am trying to steer you away from the very thought, you are leaning towards it, which is what I don’t understand.
        I know you are stubborn and all, but (I don’t seem to have an ending for this sentence), how much would it hurt you if you aren’t in this case?


      5. Sigh that’s a block of text.
        Anyway, cool. If I don’t come across as crazy, it works for me.

        Okay. I didn’t think of it like that.
        I dunno. Can’t say for sure.


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