She wanted.


She sat still on the windowsill
Looking down at the street below.
The mother of 4 juggling the groceries,
The mad man singing about getting killed on Friday,
The vagabond trying to sell rattraps to whoever would look him in the eye,
The giggling girls talking about boys they’ve loved before.
She sat there, staring, and speculating.
She was there. And, yet not.
She was thinking about the time gone by.
She was thinking about the days wasted.
She was thinking about the past that flew by her, unnoticed.
She wanted to live again, and not just exist.
She wanted to take it all in, and not just breathe.
She wanted her life back.
She wanted to live.
She wanted.



14 thoughts on “She wanted.

  1. Beautifully crafted.

    Want and making it happen are poles apart. When she makes it happen, everything that she wanted to do, and take back her life, she will then be truly content with herself.
    I hope she finds that day sooner. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.

      Agreed. Want and realisation of that want are polar apart.
      But the keyword here is want. She probably hasn’t wanted anything in a long time because when you just exist, you don’t want. You just go through everyday actions and that’s it. But she wants. So, she actually took the first step, which is one in a long line, yes. But the most important one, nonetheless.
      But again, she does have a long way to go still. And, when she does, there will be contentment.
      By the way, I hope she does, too.

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