The Idea of Perfection.

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1. When you stare at him from under your lashes, only to find him staring at you from across the room.
2. When he intertwines your left hand with his right one.
3. When he zones in to your eyes and gazes all intensely like he could jump inside and live there forever.
4. When he kisses your shoulder gently in the passing.
5. When he writes you poems about how it’s supposed to be your forever kind of love.
6. When he jokes around with you because he doesn’t feel like he has to be careful not to step on your toes all the time.
7. When you can be honest with each other about everything without the fear of judgement because you have seen all the ugly parts of him and he has seen all the broken parts of you.

Source: Pinterest

92 thoughts on “The Idea of Perfection.

    1. *groans* I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING.
      I was just now thinking of deleting it for real.
      It’s getting on my nerves so damn bad I can’t tell you.
      Maybe I should just focus on writing and not posting anything for a while.
      *walks away muttering* Fucked up wordpress accounts and all that shit.

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      1. I haven’t faced such thing, like ever. And i have three accounts. I don’t know why you are facing this.
        I could take a look into this, but then again you still don’t trust me enough. 😛
        Don’t do that. Do write and keep posting. I am a fan and you know it. 🙂


      2. Apparently, I am the only one WP has a vendetta against.*eyeroll*
        Not even people with 3 accounts deserve their wrath. Just an anonymous one with an on again off again account apparently.

        I am not a very trusting person, no offense.🐽

        *snorts* I will really have to question your tastes if you said what I think you just said. Fan?! I am laughing so hard right now it’s obscene. AT YOU, in case you missed the subtext.

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      3. I am also anonymous here. But then again, I have no explanation for your situation.

        I know that you aren’t! I told it myself.

        I have been watching a lot of western movies and tv series and snorting means just one thing from there. You will get the context if you saw even one of those movies or shows.
        Let me know when you’re done laughing.


      4. Crazy follows me around. This is just another instance.

        Hey, mister. No need to exclamation mark me.*waggles a finger in front of your face*
        We have both agreed we know the little fact already.*in the most serious tone of voice*

        Why are you so obsessed with the idea of me having a drug problem? Something you want us to know here, a part of the whole honesty thing you are trying, AK? Huh? HUH? *glares*

        Oh I am sure that won’t happen for a very, very long time. You will have to wait an eternity. If not more.
        *laughs manically in a corner*


      5. Ah, I see.
        Okay, MISS!!!
        I am not. You are the one snorting, not me. Sigh! No! You have been more sarcastic than being honest. So, I am not even trying.
        Ok. Whatever rocks your boat!


      6. Maybe I have a weird snort laugh. Big deal.*rolls her eyes, then smiles a sugar sweet smile*

        Huh? Sarcastic? Moi? What a ridiculous idea.

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      7. But, I am sober. Aversion to anything that compromises the senses in any way, remember? It’s just my personality.*serene smile*

        Aha. You acknowledge I am funny. Is this my lucky day?🌼


      8. Oh you are adorable. And, crazy. And, as we have established time and again, delusional. 🐽

        Such modesty, too.
        What would I do without a presence like you in my life?


      9. Whoa bringing out the big guns, too. You are scaring me now.

        Is/has anybody ever there/seen that? Don’t they say “happily ever afters” are just the beginning of life ever after?
        Also, yes. Yes, I am on drugs. Vitamin Ds to be exact. You know the kind of high they give you?


      10. Sprinkling holy water and making a T with fingers.
        Well, one person I know said, it was a happy ending… highlighting their marriage. I corrected her by say that it was a happy beginning, which it was. So yeah.
        Haha. Right!

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      11. It’s called a cross, but nevermind. I am out of here. You planning on exorcising my drugs right out of me?!

        See? You can be smart when you want to be. I didn’t even have to argue for next 10 replies to get you to agree with me. Ah good days.

        I can hook you up, too? Want the details of my dealer?


      12. I had no idea. Being a Christian I should probably know that, right?
        You are slow? Use lifebuoy.

        Yes, exactly. Sarcasm is indeed a rare commodity.

        Yours is local wala and 0/10 doctors approved. So, pass.

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      13. Hence, the overtly-in-your-face mention? Sigh

        Lifebuoy? That’s the best you could come up with? Oh you poor thing.

        Very, very rare indeed.

        Your loss. I have a huge supply and I need no doctor’s approval. It’s for recreational purposes.*insert innocent smile*

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      14. Oh I can hear the sarcasm in your voice and I haven’t even heard your voice. You see how you are being rude? Tsk tsk tsk. It’s official. AK is no longer a nice person.*shakes her head*

        Lol Bunty.
        Thank God my family never felt the need to call me weird nicknames. You do that enough and you didn’t even know me as a kid.


        Just on my way to the hospital.:”’)


      15. You are crazy. It’s a fact.

        Nah. No therapy. Head doctors terrify me. They get inside your head and scrounge around for everything, really. Can you imagine the horror?


      16. Apparently, I never was good with sarcasm. You told me on multiple occasions that I didn’t speak sarcasm fluently. Oh no.

        But, AK. I am a sweet person. Or, so they say.
        It’s not the shrinks I am worried about. It’s what they will find in there that will ruin lives.


      17. You are a very bad person, AK.

        Did you not get the subtext? *shakes her head while walking away, sighing*


      18. Yaaas. Very, very late. 1-2 years late.🐽

        I don’t need to “write” subtext? You just need to understand it? Nevermind.


      1. Point being i find you quiet interesting different from other girls with all the duh and expressions written in words like “confused stare” etc i had not comeacross anyone who talks this way

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      2. Did you just very subtly call me a weirdo? Hahah

        And, I guess, that’s the only way to make the texts seem like actual conversations. This gives the feeling that you are face to face with the person (somewhat), don’t you think? 🙂


      3. Hahaha na that thought never crossed my mind
        And about making texts seem like actual conversations donno i frankly dont have any experience in expressing facial or bodily mannerisms in words u r d master of that i am not even a rookie

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Sorry about that. I was vacationing in the remote hills of Ladakh. So, network was a huge issue.
        Annnd, even if it’s 3 weeks after the last reply, you will still be lame.*smirks*


      5. *snorts* I am not fishing for compliments. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are crazy lame.
        Annnd, I had an awesome time, thank you. It was wonderful.🎈


    1. Thank youuu so much for your sweet words, Shambhavi.💝
      Hahahahah it is, it is. I am 2nd in line for the title of the most inconsistent person around afterall.:’)

      Annnnd, I missed youuuu so much. Especially when I wanted to talk GG with you. You introduced me to it, bruh. And, then you left me with no one to discuss my excitement, outrage, anger with. I felt like a homeless person seeking shelter but not finding any in the pouring rains that continued for 2 weeks straight till I got done with the whole thing.
      And, I wanted to tell you, you were right. Blair (and Chuck) became the best thing to happen to me (sans the part where she was involved with Dan (EW!)) and Serena took a backseat (and fell out of the car) way too easily (especially because Dan was a part of her life all through the 6 seasons and she had the worst relationships EVER). I don’t tell people they are right easily but YOU SOOO WERE.

      Sigh I am done ranting for now.
      You can take the cotton out of your ears now.


      1. I’m so sorry man. I didn’t think of that! I am sorry to have left you with GG and no one to share the good feels with. How are you finding the series? I’m so excited to hear your side of the love for Blair and Chuck. I adored them throughout the season. I hope you’re having a fabulous time with GG. I am not tired at all. You can rant on and fill my head with your thoughts. Looking forward to share more series with you. Im currently in Love😍😍😍😍😍 with Riverdale and 13 reasons why. I’m speechless when it comes to these series. They had kept me glued to my laptop screen for hours daily. So yes you gotta watch it. 😍😎

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I finished the whole thing in 12-14ish days, bro. I have been done with the thing, had withdrawals, and turned to movies and whatnot and been on a vacation to Ladakh in the meantime. Hence, the late reply, too. Apologies for that.

        I did, too. Other than the initial few episodes and the rapist tendencies, Chuck and Blair were great. Wonderful really. LOVED THEM SO DAMN MUCH. Hated Dan and all the other Humpherys, as well as Veronica, didn’t much care for Nate because of the stupidest decisions throughout the series, and disliked Serena for being stupid for most of the series period. Basicallyyy, the best thing about the series? Bass and B.✨

        As for 13 reasons. Honestly, I have heard it’s real boring from a number of friends. I might read the book sometime. But I don’t think I will be able to watch it or Stranger things because they are ongoing series. I don’t start a series that isn’t finished. Not a real patient person, you see? *hides face*
        So, I stay away from series that are releasing new episodes because I know I will go crazy waiting for the next episode or season to drop.
        Suggest something that’s done, yeah? My brother has been badgering me to watch Breaking Bad and GoT these days. GoT isn’t on the cards because there’s a season left. But I am considering Breaking Bad.


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