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Pretty perfect.

imageIt’s about appreciating it all!
It's about appreciating it all!

I learned a valuable life lesson. Life isn’t about everyone or everything being perfect. It’s about the misadventures, the unplanned madness of losing your luggage and being forced to spend your travel insurance money and going on the best shopping spree ever.
It’s about sitting at the fanciest restaurant and seeing a rat run past the table, only to end up at the closest McDonald’s in your formal wear.
And it will be perfect. Pretty perfect.


69 thoughts on “Pretty perfect.

  1. I completely agree with this piece. In my opinion, perfection does not exist. However, I also believe that in order to achieve society’s views of perfection, we must learn from our mistakes. Overall, a job well done!

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  2. Whoa, wow.
    Did you lose your luggage again? LOL.

    Nonetheless, a great perspective at life. Kudos.
    PS : Rat! So, where ever you go, the rat follows. Don’t you deny it now!!!!


      1. Poor momma? If she has my phone, she will be enjoying.
        Sab ma pe kyu jate hai. Sigh.

        I gave it for repair. It crashed while I was reading your blog post. Pata nahi kya kya likthe ho.


      2. Why in the world would you say that?😶
        Cuz maa is the one who cares the most. As simple as that. She even had a fast today just for our bloody sakes.:|
        So that.
        And puh-leez! I hardly post stuff once in a couple of days.😶


      3. I wouldn’t know. But she, and every other lady around,however much educated, has been keeping fasts for their kids on various occasions year round. What I believe is, it all depends on your comfort. If you are comfortable with following some tradition, go ahead. If not, don’t bother.
        So,what it all comes down to is that it’s not about necessity, but beliefs. And comfort, ofcourse. 😶


      4. I am fully awake , if you must know. So,no sleepy delusions.*waves her hand dismissively* Although we really can’t be sure about you, seeing as you are in a habit of being awake for 2 days straight and then roaming around like a crazy-not-crazy zombie,can we now?😏


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