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What is life?

imageIt’s not about following. It’s about discovering. It’s about creation. It’s about you. It’s you.
It's not about following. It's about discovering. It's about creation. It's about you. It's you.

Life is not about setting high goals and trying to out-perform everybody else out there. Life is not about trying to please everybody. Life is not about silently suffering when it becomes too damn much. Life is not about getting everything. Life is not about following others. Life is not that at all. Life is too short for all that.
Life is about out-doing your own expectations. Life is about trying to be a better person in your own eyes. Life is about taking a stand. Life is about giving everything you have. Life is about making out-of-the-world choices. Life is about being happy. Life is about trying not to have regrets. Life is about dancing in the rain. Life is about singing in the shower. Life is about admiring yourself in the mirror. Life is about smiling at strangers. Life is about crying when it becomes too much to handle. Life is about being humane. Life is about being you. Life is you.


62 thoughts on “What is life?

      1. Yes, they do and it is good we have variety of opinions and perceptions, that way we never get bored 😉
        Oh yeah, I used the bored term again 😀


  1. This is mostly true. However, the life you describe is pointless. It’s the ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ worldview. That is not the kind of life I would like. For you see, while most of what you put is involved in life, it is, like is said, ultimately pointless. “Life is about trying to be a better person in your own eyes.” Now there isn’t much there. A mass murderer could say he/she is being a better person. It’s all relative. If that’s the case, why even TRY to be good. What’s the point? You see, for it not to be meaningless is to see it with the knowledge that their is a creator. With the knowledge that we are put here with a purpose, that we do have meaning. What is that meaning? “To go and make disciples of all nations. Baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” -Mathew 28:19. Now before you disclaim it, think about it. I don’t know if you believe this or not. But I’m praying that you and everyone else, recognize this Truth. I hope that everyone, if asked, would have an altered definition to the question, “What is life?”

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    1. Well, as I said in the post, it’s not about following,now be it ideas, beliefs,thoughts or ways. Everybody has a different way of perceiving things and everybody is unique in their judgement. Also, “better” is relative anyway,don’t you think? Believers of one God assume something else to be better than believers of some other one. So it’s pointless to go the way someone else assumes or declares to be better. When there’s no definite “better” out there,why not try to be good in your own eyes, atleast?
      And trust me, everybody else already has an altered definition of life. This is just mine.
      Thank you so much for commenting,by the way. 🙂


  2. I think life is the way you want to live it, not believing what others say is right only believing in yourself and your potencial, pleasing your soul and building experiences that will make you meditate on who you are and what you want. Self knowledge

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  3. Enjoyed this, perhaps would want to add that life is also about others, less we become self centred? For me it’s also about being part of something bigger than myself, that challenges, shapes, and informs my identity.

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    1. Well, I don’t put my earphones in my bag “carefully”, one thing. Also, it’s become a habit now,this untangling. So.*nonchalant shrug*
      Lol Anyway.
      That’s what life is in one line, I guess. An inevitable mess.:|

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      1. Duh! I know.
        LOL @ nonchalant shrug ! Why do you invent such new (stupid) things? 😛

        Almost believed you, miss. Almost.
        Your life ain’t a mess. Let it sink in, slowly.


      2. Sigh *mutters under her breath* He always claims to know everything, even when the reality’s something entirely different.
        Because I am so inventive. And creative. Duh
        *dry laugh*Grass is always greener on the other side.*shakes her head*


      3. Lol. Tell something new.
        And FYI, I know exactly the truth of things. 😀

        Yes, yes. LOL. dry laugh. Here, some water for you.

        So, grass. You started smoking weed again, huh? Sigh, kab sudharoge apne aap ko. 😛


      4. 😏
        No,thanks. Don’t be so generous all the freaking time. I have all the stuff I need. Don’t need you to offer it.😑
        You really take it too far you know that?-.- Stop now.✋


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