16 things to do this summer break.

imageOh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*Oh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*Oh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*
Oh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*

Last year I came up with 11 ways to utilise your summer break after scrounging the Internet for several days. This year,no scrounging was needed. I had so much stuff in my head that I wanted to do during these almost 2 months that I could write and write about it. Here are the 16 things that I want to do this summer. This might help(not) you come up with ways to spend the summer break or we could just find some common things we want to do. So,here.

#1-Learn to play an instrument or brush up your existing instrument-playing skills.
I really want to learn to play a guitar. And I used to know how to play a synthesiser. Then studies happened and I lost touch. I dunno anymore but I plan on remedying that. Now. Like, summer break now. You get on with the instrument of your choice, too, yeah?

#2-Food and art.
How can food not figure in my summer plans. I love food. And I plan on loving food that I cook(in place of just gagging or dry heaving when it comes to my culinary skills). So,yeah. Cooking and eating it is. Go join some classes or just experiment.:D

#3-Get creative with wall art.
I love wall art. I made a wall collage for my upper sitting last year and whoever comes to my place loves it. I plan on indulging in elaborate Wall art projects this summer, too. I plan on making beautiful 3-D snowflakes to hang from the gray wall in my room. Yeah,snowflakes and summer? But who cares. I know it will look good and that’s it. Also, a paper curtain for one of the arches is in order. And those elaborate frames. And so many more. So,I am shutting up now. It’s better that I show you when I am done with them. You go get your creative side out from the closet and get started. Let me know of any unique wall art ideas,too.

#4-Learn a new language.
I learnt Spanish. I didn’t practice. I am starting to forget. Yess. You forget if you don’t keep in touch with a new language for 2 months. So, learn a new language and practice, practice, practice. Use duolingo. It’s awesome. Trust me on that. Vale?:P

#5-Read,dance,sing…whatever catches your fancy.
Do stuff you love doing but the semester didn’t allow you to. Get through those TBR lists or dance or sing or do some aerobics…anything you want. Just do.

#6-Write, write, write.
Ofcourse. This last semester got in way of my writing regularly and then the exams happened. I used to write regularly. But I was MIA so much these last 4-5 months. So,I am remedying that. I am gonna make up for my missed writing during this summer. You should, too. It’s a great outlet and it’s just your own. Don’t publish it anywhere if you don’t wanna. Just write for yourself.

I have no skills when it comes to pictures(clicking or getting clicked, whatsoever:/), but I plan on developing some. I dunno what I will do,but Internet will throw up some ways I am sure.

#8-Meet up with old friends from your hometown.
My friends started planning the moment my exams got over(mine ended last). And seeing as my birthday is in 3 days,they have been making plans for my birthday treat all by themselves. Let’s see how well those numerous plans fare out.*smirks*

#9-And spend time with your cousins.
Yess. Do that. Get them to come to your place or go visit them. Just see them. I know I wanna without any exam or test deadlines handing over our heads. Once they are free from their entrances,we are having a blast.

Go volunteer with some NGO. I don’t plan to devote the whole summer this year like last year to volunteer work, but I plan to do some bit of volunteering. How or where I dunno. But let’s see.

Talk to your Maa-papa. Talk to your siblings. Talk to people you are close to. Talk to people you aren’t. Be in touch. Socialise. Just talk. I do that a lot. So,no biggie.:P

#12-Try to read up a bit about the semester to come or go through those topics from the previous ones that might help during the next.
I am not a fan of this but it is needed. I plan on atleast getting a look at the syllabus so I am not caught unawares this semester. It sucks,I am telling you.*makes a face*

Definitely sleep. You will crave it once the next semester/school year starts. So catch those zzzs now.

#14-Help around the house a bit.
Helping your mother out a bit can be so satisfying. Not that my mother allows me to help out, seeing as I create more of a mess than I do help. But anyway, try.:P

#15-Take time with your body.
Oh god. Yes. The dark circles, eyebags and hair loss these exams left me with? Gotta do something. Sleep will help, for one. And internet will help,I am sure. Exercise too if you think you gotta lose some kilos. Now is the time.

#16-Relax. Just chill. Take your time.
Catch up on all those movies and TV shows you have been missing out on,explore new artists and genres, binge watch YouTube videos…do what makes you happy. Lying down with my laptop and phone sure does make me happy.:P

So, what do you plan on doing this summer break? 😀


Just in case you were curious about last year’s post:
11 ways to “utilise” the summer break.


27 thoughts on “16 things to do this summer break.

    1. What? This post was 1000 words long?😶
      Hahahaha when exams aren’t happening, I do 16 all the time,too.:P
      Thanks,by the way. 😀
      I had planned on doing these 16 this summer. I have already spent 15 days without doing any freaking thing. So let’s see how it fares out. Hopefully I would have done a couple of these during this one and a half month.🙈

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. 980 something. Close.
        You do? Is that why you forgot me? 😤

        You’re welcome. 😊
        You made such a big list. It wouldn’t be fair if you don’t. 😒

        Add talking to me to the list as well, since you are not doing it or any of the list. 😁


      2. Oooooo that’s cool.
        Nah. I just gave you to the kabadiwala. 😹😹

        Well, I plan in the beginning generally. I just don’t follow through. It’s something I am used to.*sighs*

        Hahaha sure.:D

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I just don’t. I don’t like sticking to schedules and plans. I am more of a I-wanna-do-something-and-hence-I-will kinda person. But I am trying to stick to a particular schedule this vacation. Working on my messed up piece of shit of “schedule”.:|


      4. Oh. Wait till you start working. You will get to know what schedules and plans would be.

        I find it hard to believe, though. That you don’t stick to a schedule. For a busy and studious and bookworm, I mean Textbookoholic like yourself.

        See, schedule. You love schedules.
        Must be going great.


        PS: No emails. 😔 You must be really busy or may be the obvious reason. 😳


      5. Another of the reasons why I don’t like birthdays. I will be working before my 30th birthday (Yes, I intentionally said 30th :P).

        For your very kind information, had I been a “studious”, “textbookoholic” and “bookworm-y”, I would have stuck to a schedule;a healthy one. My lack of a proper schedule has emerged from the very fact that I don’t ever feel the need to do stuff at a time when I should. Hence.😏

        Oh yes. The eyebags and dark circles have been fun to deal with. They still are. Great.

        P.S. You do know that you could have sent the starter email,don’t ya?😏


      6. Obviously, you will be working before your 30th Birthday. What was the other plan? Work before 40? :O

        That’s what I am saying as well. You do stick to the schedule, but give the impression that you are way too careless about such things to others. Only true friends will figure that out. 😛
        You proper lack of sleep is because of some other reasons, which you don’t wish to share, prominent one being always studying and other being having a bf.
        You are like eating all the healthy stuff all the time. What does that cater to? SOooo many lies you tell. OMG. You and eyebags and dark circles? Impossible.

        PS : I don’t know. I always thought Ladies first. Actually, I thought you were having exams and stuff, I refrained from disturbing you during that period. And I forgot when your exams would be over. Time flew by and you forgot, while I waited. -_-


      7. Haha yeah. Duh

        Oh please. That’s crap and you know it.😒

        Ugh not gonna start with the first. And, I will sound repetitive but YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. You are living in a world where you have created an imaginary boyfriend for me and you have this whole idea in your head that it’s real. You need help. Immediately. Go get checked. You have some real big issue with imagining stuff that isn’t there.😏


        P.S. Don’t you know what the new cool principle is? FEMINISM.😹
        And I did have exams almost a month back. It’s been 20 something days since exams got over.*relieved sigh*
        And no,you didn’t. Lol


      8. Or 50, perhaps?

        That’s not crap and you know it. 😀

        Seriously, how long are you going to hide it. Is everything okay with the relationship. You sound a little agitated. If you want to talk about it, I am all ears, you know that right?

        PS : Feminism? Does that mean women won’t text first? Does that also discard the old age notion of “Ladies First”?

        See, 20 days and you still didn’t think of me. Kaise dost ho yaar aap bhi? :O
        I did and am. -_-


      9. Oh yeah. That would be best.:P
        It is. I am not responding after this to this particular piece of crap rumor you are spreading. Nope.

        P.S. Nope. But it sure means that men can, too. And “ladies first” doesn’t really appeal to me anyway.😏
        Lol DQ!😹


      10. Get married in a year or two. No more tension. 😜

        It’s the truth and you know it. Unfortunately for you, I too know it. Why keep it a secret?

        PS: Well yeah. Heard of chivalry? 😂
        Wait, what? Are you sure? Am i going to find out that the person behind wandering violet is actually a guy? 😳🙈


      11. Not happening. Nope. And that would be the biggest tension of them all.*visibly shudders*

        P.S. Nope. Why would I have?:/
        Shite. How did you guess? And, what if the anonymous A is, afterall, a ‘he’?


      12. So you say, and you would enjoy it like anything, even more than you enjoy studying. You will tell the same, if you remember me by then that your marriage is the best thing that happened to you. 😛

        PS : Sigh. You should have.
        The biggest drama quee..king of all. Sigh.


      13. That’s what you will say now, won’t you?

        Wait until you get married in 2 years. Shadi me bulana mat bhulna kam se kam. 😛

        So, what’s up dude?


      14. Lol. You too know you wouldn’t. 😛
        Oh, I see, schedule. Good good. Someone’s being a good boy. LOL. 😛
        Well, then good night. Don’t stay up on my account, I would go on all night.


  1. Great post. I look up to bloggers like you with so much inspiration. I plan on writing more and just taking time out to relax. Thanks for the post.
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