When time changes.


You have always been my anchor; someone, something that kept me still; grounded. You have always been the self-appointed mental bouncer who kept me sane and away from all the crap. You have always been that sweet smell wafting up my nostrils that alone had the power to calm my wildly-beating heart. You have always been like that ice-cube on an annoyingly hot day that cooled me down as it slipped down the back of my shirt. You have always been like that soothing song that played on repeat on my mp3 player when I wanted to do nothing but burrow under my comforter in my comfiest pajamas and let the world fade away. You have always been like those deep-set dimples at the small of my back that I always wanted but never could work hard enough towards achieving, because it was something else. You have always been special. You have always been you.

Now? You are the melting snowflake that can make my heart flood.



37 thoughts on “When time changes.

  1. You have a great usage of metaphor! One that I really enjoy….have you ever considered writing in a more structured content…like a Haiku? Or a scathing sonnet? I think it would be a challenge for you…& quite entertaining for us…your fans!!👍😉🖖.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am glad you think so.:)
      I wrote this for the sole reason of experimenting with the metaphors only.:D
      I tried once,even though I didn’t know the 3rd thing about haiku,only that haiku is 3 lined and about nature.:P
      I posted one. I messed up the syllables count though.:P
      And, it will indeed be a challenge if rules are followed,I guess.
      And you are too kind. Fans, huh?:P


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