Black of power.

In the swirling dark...

The deafening silence coated her body like a second skin even when there were noises all around. White noise, they say. It was all white noise. The red haze that had fallen over her sapphire eyes was impossible to look through. She couldn’t see anything but red. Common sense had long ago left her brain_a brain people say, one has in a million_and she couldn’t think beyond her thirst for revenge. Revenge that had come to haunt her from her past of deceitful lies and hurtful words. She was now a burgeoning, overflowing cauldron of the need to get even, to hurt, to make them cry, to kill. She could feel immense power inside of her. She could feel it was ready to strike. She could feel it feeding her need to cause destruction. And she realised that the power fed off it. It was a vicious cycle. She  hesitated for a fraction of a second. But then, she started moving again,blocking all the thoughts away. But even as she attacked her target and extracted her revenge, she couldn’t let go of that single thought that had escaped the prison in her mind; the prison keeping her thoughts and conscience away.
The power inside of her was all black.


12 thoughts on “Black of power.

    1. Hey. I haven’t posted in soooo long. I realised that now.
      I have my exams approaching. So,that might be held responsible, somewhat. And then there’s the dry-spell when I don’t write anything, and hence don’t post.
      I will post soon.:)

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  1. Getting to really enjoy your writing style & content…despite how dark it can be. Sadly if your writings are all a result of personal experiences…I applaud your resolve, & absolutely love your talent!!! P.S. The things I’ve written & thought to be “shit”…normally are the most appreciated….can’t wait for more!! 👍😉🖖.

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  2. Well , there’s a Chinese proverb according to which a person has to dig two graves instead of one , the moment that person starts thinking about revenge and the other grave ….is for the person himself

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