Philosophical Me!

Intertwined shades of gray.

When you learn to accept it all, it's a beautiful life,don't you agree?

No, I am not an introvert. And no, I am not an extrovert,either. I am a combination of the two,yes. No, I am not shy. But no, I am not THAT outgoing that you can call me outgoing,either. No,I am not stuck up. But I am not the easiest girl to get along with,either. No, I am not antisocial. But I am not a social butterfly, mind you.
I can come off as reserved, and arrogant, and proud at first glance. I am. But I am playful, and funny, and I smile frequently, too.
I listen. I observe. I think. But I talk,too. I talk a lot. I hate small talk. I hate holding conversations with people who try talking about how it’s not so cold this year while shivering involuntarily and making me cringe with their attempt at small talk. But I can talk non-stop about the mystery that is life.
Yes, I love being enveloped in the warmth of home, curled up on my bed with a good book. But I am not against going out to that awesome restaurant you can’t stop talking about, either.
Don’t try to order me around. Don’t try to tell me what to do. Don’t start about how I am one stubborn young woman. Don’t tell me how much I need to learn to adjust. Don’t bloody tell me how I am one weird girl because I don’t fit into any of the definite categories you swear by. Because I know that already. Stop being a know-it-all and open your eyes to the world around. I am a weird combination. And I love it. And if you loosen up a bit, you will realise that you just might,too. Your own weird combination,I mean. Not mine. That’s not an easy task.
I laugh with a lot of people. I talk to so many of them. But, if I ever called you my friend, in definite words, consider yourself lucky. That’s hard to come by. Very rare.
Stop with the introvert and extrovert shit. People weren’t made to fit into these categories. They gotta be one of their kind. They gotta be weird. They gotta be…different.
It all can’t be just black and white. There are shades of gray intertwined, yeah?
It would be too boring a life,not to mention colorless, otherwise, don’t you think?



45 thoughts on “Intertwined shades of gray.

  1. Narcissism much?
    So much about you. Sigh.
    Let me clear out, you are not an introvert, nor an extrovert. You are a rat person. LOL.

    You do know that no one here knows who you are. So, if you call someone a friend or not, it won’t make much difference. Oh btw, did I make that cut?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, as a matter of fact, I have,very passionately, declared that I hate rats many times over the last few months. So, I don’t see how that makes me a “Rat person”, this hate. You, on the other hand, seem to love rats, seeing as how often you deem me a rat person. The underlying jealousy and pain you feel in announcing that I am one( Even though you know as well as I do that I don’t, but you definitely do) is clearly detectable. Very detectable.

      Actually, if you read the comments by other really sweet readers of mine, they actually relate to this. And seeing as I want to write stuff which others can relate to,and not stuff which is all just about me,and me alone, I would say your statement falls flat.-.-
      Annnnd, seeing as you very clearly wrote a line above as how it doesn’t make much difference, why do you care? It doesn’t matter,yeah?😌


      1. You can’t hide your love for your rats, no matter how much you try.
        OMG, we have a Sherlock here. Clearly detectable. LOL. Ok, You can keep your affair to yourself. 😛

        Oh, hey good for them. Good for you.

        Wow. A question isn’t an answer to a question. You still haven’t answered though.
        It doesn’t matter, to you. It does to me.


      2. Oh shut up about the rats,for God’s sake.-.-

        😒 Did you really not get what I was implying or are you trying to act coy purposely?😑

        Well, I disagree. Sometimes, a question answers a question better than an answer ever could.😌


  2. I liked that. Great writing. And I know how you feel. I’m the same way. Extrovert or introvert – I’m neither. Or both? We should all embrace our true self. Some people were never meant to be “normal”.

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