A quote from instagram!?!

Source: I dunno where this came from exactly. All I know is it was on instagram somewhere. Apologies.🙈

I found this on instagram. That’s peculiar in itself, seeing as I don’t use instagram. Like, don’t-even-have-an-account-yet-sharing-pictures-from-instagram peculiar.
Anyway,it’s very important that we realise this^. That’s the only way to lead a happy life. Otherwise? No chance. It wouldn’t be a life well spent. It wouldn’t be a life lived. It would just be that:a life spent. On nothing. For nothing. Nothing.



15 thoughts on “A quote from instagram!?!

      1. Hence, the half-hearted thank you.*mocking smile*
        I dunno.*sighs* I can’t see it anywhere either. Let’s hope it comes back in some time. It generally takes a couple of hours when WP is in one of its moods. But you never know. Once, one of my posts disappeared at around 11 at night and resurfaced the next afternoon. One never resurfaced. So, there’s one thing that’s left to do:HOPE. -.-

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