I watch the sun go down.

A new morning is on it's way.

The sweet wind in my hair
The quiet company of one
My mind reeling with unspoken thoughts;
Brimming with the shadows of actions past
Remembering those silent warnings
And syncretic union of days gone by
And more to come.
Laughter sounding clear in my ears
Transporting me back to those joyous moments
And with it coming of the silent suffering:
The escaped tendrils fluttering in the breeze
Shake off the unwanted recalling.
The wind centres me;
Makes me want to focus on possibilities to come.
I watch the sun go down,
Beyond the horizon with the saffron hue,
The birds flying high to go back home
Leaving the shadows of struggles behind.
I watch the sun go down.
It will rise again;A new morning.



26 thoughts on “I watch the sun go down.

      1. Hahhahahahaha I guess I am. It still doesn’t feel like it,though. :/
        And exams were questionable, to be honest. The way I was prepared for those,it didn’t feel like I had the exams going on. Only my freak-out the night before the exams gave it away.🙈

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahhahahahaha sure thing. Who wants to talk about EXAMS anyway?:P Lol
        Since the last couple of days, I have been having a blast. I have been eating,and sleeping,and just being silly with my cousins. 😛
        When I go back home tomorrow night,I am gonna start working on my schedule. It’s too messed up as of now. But all in all,life’s been a beach.:P Lol
        How’s life treating you?:D

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Floods here due to heavy rains. College was supposed to start last month, but due to the floods and heavy rains, we have all been sitting at home. 😛 Anyway, it starts tomorrow, so that’s a good thing? 😛


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