I am giving up.

Resignation shines bright. Ah the irony!

This pressure on my head just might kill me. I am coming to realise that now. It just might be the end of me. My doom. And the crazy thing is I know I am the only one responsible for this predicament I am in. This mess of a life I have made it be is my doing. There’s really no one to blame but me. And the thing is,it’s all in my own damn head. I feel like I might go crazy, totally nuts, if I am not relieved of this burden soon. I know that would happen for sure. No way will I come out of this unscathed. One can take only so much. And it will all be ruined. There’s no ifs and buts about this. Neither is there a question of when. It’s only a question of to what extent. Because ruin everything, it will. And it wouldn’t be easy to recover from. Maybe it would be irrecoverable. Yes! That just might be true. I am coming down. That’s the only thing I am sure about right now. It’s over. The game’s over. So am I. Can nobody protect me? None? Am I gonna burn all alone? Maybe I will. I was the one with my hands crossed at my back, making a sympathetic face, when I saw them go down,afterall. I am so over. I don’t wanna continue like this, anyway.


98 thoughts on “I am giving up.

  1. Is it the exams speaking? Because you are going to do well in that, no matter what you might think of yourself.

    Though, this is a very intense post.
    Am I gonna burn all alone? :O Ok, where is this coming from? The person I know would actually fight against the engulfed fire and still come out just fine.
    And you will not give up either. It’s not like you to give up that easily.
    Whatever it is you are going through, that shall pass.

    All the best. And Take Care. 🙂


    1. Oh freak! I had no idea this was the post WP was going to meddle with now. I wrote it a few weeks ago. It got reposted now! I was in a bad place at that time. It’s better now. This wasn’t meant to be read by people NOW!
      And because of my exams commencing in 3 days, I don’t check WP all that often these days. So,didn’t see this stupid post till now. *Sighs*

      Anyway,thank you so much for the concern,AK!✌:)

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      1. You scheduled the post ? You wrote it a few weeks back and didn’t talk about it in the email? I hurt-ed. 😓
        You do know you could talk about anything right , however the bad the place be, the time be. You brozoned me for thay only right? *sheds a tear*
        Lol, see the people concerned about you. You are famous. See.
        Yeah, I figured. No reply to the emails either. I had sent like a hundred emails. I started drinking also. No.
        Come on, this isn’t a stupid post. Circumstances might have been different, but you felt something at that time.

        Anytime. 👍
        All the best for the exams. 😊


      2. Umm,no. I dunno. I didn’t think I set the publish date for now. It’s WP messing up my site. As usual. I don’t get notifications for shit now. It’s like WP’s playing a game or something. A notification appears. Then it doesn’t open. Then it disappears. Sometimes I don’t get one at all!*long sigh*
        It’s do frustrating. Ugh
        Anyway,getting back to the matter at hand,I didn’t really wanna talk about this shit. It’s messed up. Or it was. It’s all much better now. So,let go of the hurt,dude. You are such a DQ.*exaggerated eye roll*
        Lol just kidding. But thank you so much. And no,I am not. A few hundred, or even thousand, readers don’t make me famous. You sooo love to exaggerate,don’t you? 😶
        And you all here on WP are really nice. You people get worried for others. That’s kinda sweet.
        Annnnd,what hundred emails?*fake loud gasp* I thought you would have atleast sent a few hundreds?! I am so disappointed. *SHAKES HER HEAD*
        Annnd,you can not drink!!! No! We are tetotallers,remember? 😶 NOOOO!
        It kinda is. And totally unlike me. I seldom post such negative stuff. And it so doesn’t sound like me. I don’t like me one bit for posting something so damn Pessimistic. Anyway.

        Thank you so much for the wishes. I damn well need it!:/


      3. Are you talking about the mobile app ? Just sign out and relogin. You always blame WP. Lol. 😛 *waiting for the sigh to end*
        I think I can understand.
        And this is what happens when someone offers help, genuinely. Thank you. 😓
        Yo, you famous, alright ? #RatWoman Rocks. What? Me? Nooo! Not exaggerating. Just stating the facts , madam.
        It’s not like you have given your number it anything


      4. Are you talking about the mobile app ? Just sign out and relogin. You always blame WP. Lol. 😛 *waiting for the sigh to end*
        I think I can understand.
        And this is what happens when someone offers help, genuinely. Thank you. 😓
        Yo, you famous, alright ? #RatWoman Rocks. What? Me? Nooo! Not exaggerating. Just stating the facts , madam.
        It’s not like you have given your number it anything, and I have asked it like a million times. 😒😒
        Check you emails. 😂 you deleted ask of them? Ouch. 😓
        Yes, but not getting any replies sent me into depression. 😢
        I write ask the pessimistic stuff that is there in the world. I’m such a loser.

        And you’ll do much better than you expect. 😀


      5. Umm,yeah? Okaaay. That’s what I generally do,you know. I am not logged in all the freaking time. Hence I don’t respond right away. Otherwise I won’t be responding, like,4 days after people comment,don’t you think? 😏
        But whenever I log in,I get heap loads of notifications in the notification panel of my phone(I am too damn lazy to use a computer or laptop for WP. So,I have to live with the stupid App most of the time. *sigh*) And when I do open it,all it shows is a bunch of notifications and even they don’t open. Then they disappear and new ones appear. Then they don’t open either. It’s like a vicious cycle. I don’t get notifications for most of the stuff. And when I do? It’s like this^. -.-
        ✋ No rat talks,please?*genuine pleading* I am to return to Delhi the day after and I am freaking terrified of what I might find there. No jokes about this. *sniffles*
        Ha! You aren’t getting it anytime soon either.*smirks with a haughty twist of her lips*
        Umm,yeah. I generally delete the emails without really looking. I told you I use that ID for WP only. When I am not talking to somebody from WP on a regular basis,I tend to overlook and delete it all. When we were talking continously in between,I used to be a tad bit careful while deleting so I didn’t delete yours with the WP ones. Now? Not so much. 🙈
        Hahahahahha what did I say? DQ!!!!👆
        Umm,that’s okay. You have had stuff to deal with that made you Pessimistic. Or talk like one,atleast. That’s okay. It’s a platform to say Whatever you wanna. It’s just that I generally write positive stuff. Many people pointed out that it’s not something they had expected of me. And it’s true. I prefer motivating. This shit screwed up my head when I read it today. :/
        Ha! If only!😶

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      6. Ok, got it. No Laptop- Too much fuss. WP on Mobile – Does’t work when needed. Two lines is all it took.

        Ok, no rats. I think they might have missed you. Proceed with caution, for all the love they might shower on you when you return.

        Yeah, I know. Treasure you number.

        I thought of figured that you might have got bored. Anyway, never mind.

        You have no idea. But, I write about staying positive only for others, no matter how much in deep shit I am. Yes, you are an optimistic person. And see the looove from the fellow people.

        You will. 😀


      7. Yesss! Finishing in short is so not my thing.🙈
        But yeah. That’s all I meant to say.

        Please,no! I have my exams now. I can’t worry about those stupid rats and if I will find one or not when I go back. Noo!
        I don’t need their love or whatever. Just…keep them away from me. Is that too much to ask for?!!
        I hope all the rats burn in the Oil filled cauldrons of hell!!

        Lol I will. I still do. Do you know that even though I am 19, I still don’t answer calls from unknown numbers? If I am home,somebody else answers for me to see who it is. If not? I never answer. Can you believe that? That’s how terrified I am of shitty calls.😶

        Nah. You aren’t all that boring as you seem to believe, dude. And I have said that a couple of times already. *shakes her head in exasperation*
        I must have deleted it by mistake. :/ We weren’t talking all that regularly. So,must have missed it.

        Oh? That’s really sad,I must tell you. But say whatever you wanna on WP. No judgements. You know that,right?:)
        Hahahahaha I am not really an optimistic person. I am a cross between the two extremes,I believe. I tend to be optimistic or pessimistic with the situations. Not really category bound here.😶
        But yeah. I like writing about positive stuff which might be atleast a little bit motivating or inspiring.🙈


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      8. Oh, really? Okay.

        Well, only time will tell. Go back to be amazed. #watchOut.
        Such hostility , why? Oh, I know why. Nevermind.

        Madam ji, I never call anyone, unless it is work. My outgoing balance just fluctuates by a few minutes. Anyway, its’ not like you were sharing your number or anything. So, you can stay at peace. Shitty calls? uhuh.

        Difference of opinion. If I were sitting right across me, I would punch me for being so boring.

        Don’t worry about it. It’s ok.

        Yeah, I know. That is why the anonymity. I think they might stop – The end is nearing.

        You are optimistic. All the time. Yes, you might have varied opinions but, you are optimistic.

        Good for you. You are an inspiration, to others. 🙂



      9. Yo!🙊

        *glares* No. RATS. Now. No. More….Please?*Whispers*

        Oh? Well,all I call is my family. I mean, my 4 pillars. That’s it. And I tend to share stuff I am not asked to sometimes,remember? It’s one of those times. I was just trying to point out the oddity that’s me. Guess it flew right over your head. *Exaggerated eye roll*
        Yo! Shitty!😶

        LOL THAT CRACKED ME UP. Even though it shouldn’t have.🙊 hahahaha But seriously. I have been talking to you for a couple of months now. Had you been as boring as you seem to believe I would have stopped talking to you years ago. 😏
        Because the other possible explanation is that I am boring,too. And I refuse to believe, or accept, that.😒

        Hmm anonymity is something I understand. 😶

        Oh? That’s a first.🙈 All the time,you say?!

        Awwh thanks a bunch for that.:)

        *shrugs again*

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      10. Ok. No more rats.

        That’s the thing. I don’t call anyone. They call me, every morning.
        Kuch bhi. -_-

        You are saying, I punched me for nothing? :O -_-
        Why, thank you. You are too kind.

        Lol. You ? Lol ! Boring? You are more interesting that you think. 😉

        Ofcourse you do, Miss A(nonymous).
        Like I said, the end is nearing for me.

        Yes, all the time.
        You’re welcome.



      11. Thanks! Like,seriously wala thanks!*relieved sigh*

        Yo! That’s my USP,no?*smirks*

        Hahahhahaha exactly what I am saying! What I have been staying since forever.*makes a Face*
        No,I am not kind. I am just being truthful. Sugarcoating is neither my thing nor do I have any freaking need for it.😶

        Oh really? I don’t believe I am boring. I just said that’s the only other possible explanation. And I don’t accept it. So. I am not boring. And neither are you. But I dunno if you are as “interesting” as I am.*smirks*

        😒 Oh yes! The D-day! The ultimate end.*sighs* Loosen up. Negativity won’t kill you. Or your blog. Or something like that. It might cause destruction of epic proportions,but it won’t kill. It needs an outlet, too,you know.:/


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      12. Sorry about that earlier. -_-

        Yes, it is.

        Lol. -_-
        Oh please. You are being kind.
        Yes, I know. That’s like a rule #2 tattooed on your forehead.

        Exactly what I said. You re not boring. And I am no where as interesting as you.

        Agreed. If only you knew. Nevermind.



      13. #_#


        Yeah? What’s #1?*curious smirk*

        Is interesting a codeword or something? *narrows her eyes*

        Agreed,that I don’t know what it’s about. But I had a very real taste of negativity just a few weeks ago. This post is what it’s about. And I can attest to it that that one bloody taste almost un-did me. So,I can not even begin to imagine what regular dealing must be like. But it does need an outlet. Or it would make you Explode if attempts are made to contain it.

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      14. #1 : Don’t tell me what to do, OKAY ?

        Lol, no. Interesting as in interesting. But don’t give me ideas now, I might start thinking new things. 😛

        And you still don’t want to tell what happened.
        Yes, it needs an outlet. And the only outlet I can think of is kind of fatal. But, that train has passed a long back. So, its like now or never kinda situation. Explode? It has been in my mind, a million times, everyday.


      15. Lol Oh yes! My favorite response to everything. Hahaha

        Yeah? Like what? A couple of examples please?*genuine curiosity shining bright in her dark brown eyes*

        Toooooooo damn dramatic,no? lol

        Umm,yeah. You got that right.
        Oh? I can tell that even though I have never met you. There will be an explosion if you try to contain the negativity inside you. And it will be huge.-.-

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      16. Duh! You forgot your own tattoo ? Look at your forehead madam. -_-

        I don’t know. Oh, btw its’ a code word. Not all can know. Not even you, o’ interesting one. 😛

        Yes, I guess I did.

        I give away too much. -_-
        I know. There is nothing I could do about it. 😦


      17. Oh,seeing as I have a humongous number of imaginary tattoos (since I am chicken to get a real one-.-) all over me,I forget about one or the other sometimes.*careless shrug*

        Please, please, pretty please?!!!*bats her lashes in an overtly (obviously fake) girly manner*


        Uh huh.
        You can. Let it out and let it go. And even though I know you don’t want to hear it,there’s one thing that can save it all. FAITH. That’s it. Seriously.

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      18. Have you seen Justin Bieber and his tattoos?
        Lol @ careless shrug.

        I am starting to get some now. ANd nope. No amount of cuteness or anything is going to make me reveal the secrets.

        Why thank you. Like I said, you are too kind. 🙂
        Haha, faith! It mocks me, everyday.
        And if I let it out…


      19. CAN WE NOT?!!
        I am not a fan of JB. So. -.-
        And I much prefer meaningful tattoos with some significance attached to them. If I ever get some,they would mean a huge deal to me. Meaningless tattoos scare me shitless. Especially ones which cover the whole arms and what not and you would never know if they were just a dare or maybe an attempt to get a makeover in people’s eyes.

        What did I just babble about?*deep suffering sigh*

        Nothing?*wide, deep eyes* You won’t tell me?!*trembling lower lip *

        Again,tooo much. This pitiful act is so not me.*rolls her eyes*

        When all’s lost already,why not try one last time? What’s there to lose?!
        …it will all be better.:|

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      20. You are the new JB.
        You don’t have to be.

        I’m looking forward to the day when you cover your arms with tattoos. 😛

        Lol. Your love for tattoos.

        Nope. Nothing.
        Yeah, I know. Drama queen.

        I hope so, but let’s see. 😐


      21. Puh-leeeez! ✋
        I would rather slit my throat with a blunt rock.-.-

        Then you will keep looking. I want tattoos. I don’t wanna turn into a modern art piece about ready to be hung on the store wall.
        I wanna get a couple of tattoos someday. Script,actually. Meaningful script. And not on my arms.:P

        Nah. My hatred for meaningless tattoos and JB.:P

        But you gotta give me something. You have piqued my curiosity. Don’t leave me hanging now. Speak up. Please?!!!*wails*
        And proud of it.*smirks*

        Yup. Atleast you didn’t say outright no this time.
        There’s that. 🙂

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      22. Lol.
        See, that’s not you at all. What has happened to you ? 😛

        Couple of tattoes on your face, hands , legs, everywhere. 😂

        Text from your eco book ? Legs?

        So you say. So you say. 😛

        Nope. Not this time. Good. 😝


        You’ll know when the day comes, why didn’t say.


      23. No? Not me? Then who am I?😌

        Eeeeeep.🙊 Not so many. I am scared to get my first. And you have made plans to turn me into a painting. Should have known.😒

        Oh yes! Because that’s the most meaningful thing I have ever known. It’s my reason for existing.*eye roll*
        No. Not limbs because of practical reasons, ofcourse. :/

        Hahhahahahaha you doubt me about this, too?*wide Eyes*
        What’s there to doubt huh?!!

        *deep aggravated sigh*

        Oh? That doesn’t sound very Promising. *confused raise of brows*

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      24. Yes, not you. 😛

        Your going to be a masterpiece of economics. 😛

        Yes, duh! Why else?

        It’s wherever possible. 😂😝

        No. Not any more. 😛

        Nothing. 😂

        You’ll know. For sure. 👍


      25. The other shoulder is too heavy? 😛
        Oh, this very lifetime.

        Ikr! 😀

        I borrowed that from you. LOL.
        You know nothing, WV. It is the art that matters, so everywhere it is possible. 😛




      26. Yup. Economic weighs you down,you know. I think I might have gained a few kilos of economics on my shoulders. -.-
        Not happening.


        No. Not in my world. It should look good. To me.*shrugs*
        You get some,no? Everywhere.😏


      27. And you wanted to gain weight, no. There you go. You got your wish too.

        Yes. It is.


        Yes, it will look good to you because you’ll only recommend it. You may act all you want, but that’s what you want. I know. 😛

        No idea.


      28. Weight gain? I? You are out of your mind. I Wanna lose a couple of Kilos from my thighs and butt. If it’s not too much work,ofcourse, Guess you have me confused with somebody else,yeah?😏



        You didn’t make any sense here whatso_freaking_ever. No,seriously. 😶

        P.S. I didn’t mean to like this comment. *narrows her eyes*

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      29. No. You wanted it right?
        Since that want happening, you wanted to balance it na.
        Lol. Confused with somebody else. Lol.

        Lol. I think I forgot what I was talking about.

        PS : ok. It’s ok. Lol.


      30. No. You are!
        Who dreams of being fat?! WHO?!!!! Crazy guy!*mutters under her breath*

        Ofcourse you don’t.*rolls her eyes* I don’t, either.*fake sympathetic face*

        P.S. They are just crazy angry like I am.👀

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      31. No madam ji. You.
        So how is the weight gain program ? Feeling the weight ?

        They will pop out. 😂😂

        PS : Oh, from back to your adobe of rats and studies. You so love both right?
        But, I think I’ll take the credit. You’re welcome. 😀


      32. YOU!
        No. But since you are so adamant about that program,maybe you are,huh?😌

        Nah. They are perfectly snuggled in my not-too-large-not-too-small eye sockets.👀

        P.S. *sobs*
        Whatever you wanna do,do.*full on crying fest*


      33. You!
        Haha. I can’t get fat. I eat like 100% of junk food. For brunch. For dinner. 3 years and counting. And I don’t get fat. 😂😂
        Anyway, it’s your program. Have fun. 👍 eat a lot of cheese and chocolate and pasteries and cakes.

        *hands over one of your fallen eye ball* 🙊
        PS : *sends some more exotic rats to your kingdom*


      34. Youuuuu!
        Oh shizz! That makes me feel so damn envious right now!!! My metabolism is so crappy that I gain weight even with water. Or whatever. -.-
        And you have to shove your awesome metabolism in my face like that huh?*weeps*
        I hate cheese. I can have some only in very little quantities. And that too,not often.😶
        Also,whenever I go back,my strollers are filled with more of weight-gaining-but-delicious packed food and nuts and whatnot, and less of other less important stuff like…clothes. So,weight gain is kinda a given.*makes a face*

        Ewwwwwwww gross, dude. GROSS!🙈
        P.S. Nothing about rats,please?*genuine pleading. Again.*

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      35. Youuuuu.
        Lol, by water?
        Yes, I had to. Bragging rights, you know. Don’t you dare jinx it, ok?

        But now you have it like every second, like when you are replying to the comment, there cheese in your other hand. #missionGetFat right?

        Seeee. More than clothes? How many trucks do you carry ?
        And you want more.

        What ? Don’t want your eyeball back ? Ok.
        PS : Okk. As you wish.


      36. Yup! Water! And I drink loads of water! Imagine the horror!!!!


        Umm 3 huge-ass bags this time including a sling bag, and only 6-7 shirts for exam days since all I wear on the non-exam days are my comfiest pyjamas, and I am not carrying any new PJ’s this time cause I already have heaploads of pairs there? You see what I am trying to tell you?!!!!!!!!

        No. I have 2 already. You are mistaken.😒
        P.S. Thanks!

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      37. You agreed. Lol.
        Oh yeah, I can imagine. 😂😂😂
        *offers a handkerchief*.

        Yes. You want to eat a lot and at the same time want to do heavy weight lifting.

        Yes, after I gave one to you. 😂

        PS : you’re welcome? 😐


      38. No. I didn’t!
        Thank you.*in a weak Voice*

        Yeah. Something like that!

        No. I didn’t accept it because I had 2 already.You still have it in your fist!
        Shit! Did you squish it?!! That’s why you forgot you had it still? Whose was it?!!! Gosh! You are such a torturer!!!

        P.S. 😶

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      39. You did. 😂😂 You said “Yup”.

        *buys you a pizza* cheer up lady Tyson. 😛

        It’s your spare. Sometimes, your eyes go so wide that one or the other pops out. So. Theres that.

        Yeah, I know right. Bechare aap.

        PS : 😐


      40. It was… Okay,I dunno. Let’s leave it at that.



        Not me.😒 But atleast you accept!😏

        P.S. I am signing out after this!*sighs*
        We will email whenever possible, okay?
        I will sign in after 2 weeks now! Not once in between. The temptation of WP is too much!🙈
        And wish me luck! First exam on 27th! 🙊


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      41. Uhuh, ok.
        You’re welcome.

        Keep your eye ball safe.

        Sure. At your convenience.

        All the very best. 👍
        I’ll be waiting for an success party on the other side.

        Bye. 😀


  2. 🤐🤐Is that really you, who wrote this? I doubt it? Every person might have been in your situation… Probably every student might have been in mostly same kinda situation😜😊… Problems are advantages…😊😊
    Good luck

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    1. Haha don’t I know it.
      But it’s not only about the exams. And, in a way,it totally is. I was going through some shit a few weeks ago. I wrote this back then. The stupid malfunctioning with my site had it posted now. I am better now. But the site is worse than ever. It’s messing with my notifications more and more.*makes a face*
      Thank you so much, anyway! 🙂

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    1. My stupid malfunctioning site happened,that’s what,dude. It’s messing up shit all the freaking time. I wrote this a few weeks ago. I dunno how it got posted NOW! I am better now. But thank you so much for asking,anyway.:)

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    1. Haha in a way,yes. And, not at all at the same time. I know that sounds messed up. But it is what it is. You people weren’t supposed to read this now. I wrote it a few weeks ago. I was in a bad place then. It’s better now. It’s just that my site is malfunctioning more than ever. :/


    1. Can I be honest for, like, a minute? That’s spoken like the real me. I mean,this is something I would have said to somebody who had written something like ^.And,I am kinda ashamed that I wrote this. But I was in a bad place back then. I am better now. But due to my stupid site malfunctioning, it got posted NOW.
      But yeah. Had I found your comment back when I was wallowing in a pit of overflowing negativity, it would have snapped me out of that shit.
      But thank you,anyway. ✌

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      1. No problem..:D
        Life is too long to coming to an determining conclusion! 🙂
        B) what do you make of this line.A friend of mine used to say this “Jo hota hai achche k lie hota hai?”


      2. 🙂
        Haha true that!
        I am a firm believer of that, actually. I totally agree that whatever happens,happens for a reason. It’s just that sometimes when situation is tough,people tend to lose faith. But that’s okay,I guess. All part of the big game that’s life.*shrugs*


      3. Isn’t that evoking a defense mechanism to console/suppress emotion and perhaps escape it?
        B)I believe that line but not entirely.


      4. Well,as I said before, it’s all about faith. Maybe it’s all just a ruse. I dunno. Not an hour ago I was having a discussion about such stuff with my mumma. She said the same damn thing. And maybe it’s all just false reassurances and shit. But it’s that ALL IS WELL scene from 3 idiots( I hope you have watched the film and I am not THE idiot here,assuming that every Indian has watched this film😶) all over again: It might not be true, but it kinda gives you strength to carry on since you firmly believe that there’s some good in whatever shit has gone down. As I said,FAITH. That’s all it’s about. You believe it’s true,and it kinda is. Am I making sense?!:/ Probably not.-.-
        Annnnd,that’s my limit for trying to be philosophical without sounding even more like a crazy, mature wannabe woman-child .🙈


      5. No problem..:D
        Life is too long to coming to an determining conclusion! 🙂
        B) what do you make of this line.A friend of mine used to say this “Jo hota hai achche k lie hota hai?”


    1. Lol don’t I know it. And it’s totally unlike me. I seldom post such negative stuff. And when I did? I went all out,didn’t I?🙈
      Anyway,it’s about a time a few weeks ago. Site malfunctioning got it posted now. So,everything’s all better.
      Thank you, anyway. 🙂


      1. Hahahahahhaha you won’t let go of that,will you?! Ever?!! I seriously doubt it. We don’t really talk all that much. But when we do? You find a way to bring the blues up. 😛


      2. Now what to do u always act that way someway or the other …I never really thought abt that though ..it comes naturally u see…😁 but if u say so the next time uill post something like that I’ll make an conscious effort to avoid bringing in that 😁

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      3. Lol I do,don’t I? I leave no doubts with my posts that I am a teenager still. 😛
        Hahahaha naturally, huh?!*smirks*
        No no. Don’t. Let it be…natural. Whatever comes to your mind first. That’s generally the most truthful of the opinions,I believe.:D


      4. Lol donno abt that but I feel so reading ur stuff …dont see much ppl referring u that way though :p guess u appear more mature et al to them lol but still …Btw u r a teenage girl after all most confusing period in ones life :p (till u hit ur twenties :p )


      5. Hahahaha as you should. I am afterall a teenager. Lol
        I knowww! Nobody else does,actually. 😶
        That just might be weirdest of the stuff I have heard. Mature? I? *shakes her head*
        I don’t wanna hit my twenties!!! Ever!!! 19 is good enough for me!🙈


      6. Lol yeah I said others must be taking u that “mature ” way …not me though 😂😅😷
        Hahaha I had heard 18 till I die …19/ well this is something new :p all the best girlie 😀


    1. Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate it. But due to malfunctioning of my site,this got posted now. I was in a bad place a few weeks ago. It’s all better now. But thank you, anyway. :)✌


  3. I got it !
    What makes you think facing the truth in the face not gives you strength
    So if i sum up all I want to say is sometimes reality beats faith! And that is a probability that counts!
    Now that is me explaining why I do not entirely believe in that line.
    B) please don’t mind if I have irked you cause I did not intend to, vaise hi u r my fav horoscope :p


    1. Yeah,true I guess. But as I said,faith is all in our head only. It’s about being in a hopeful enough place that you have faith in everything and everybody. *shrugs*
      No no,not any issue at all. That’s what the comments section is all about,yeah? Discussions!:D
      And horoscope? *confused knitting of brows*
      Am I missing something here?!🙊


  4. Hey, this is bibliophilediaries! I made a new blog on which I’m going to remain active. I’d love it if you would follow me 🙂


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