#SL · Poetry

Soul “sisters”

Innocence overload:Alexendra!
This piece is dedicated to Alex from Master of the game and Mistress of the game by SYDNEY SHELDON. She's a sweetheart. But naïve. Too naïve, maybe. Also,she's Eve's twin. The evil witch. Eve tries to kill her sister several times. But Alex being Alex,never realised. It's that hate. That pain. That sense of betrayal. And the beauty that they are.

An art in herself
A cry for help,within
A sweetheart living in oblivion
A shrouded being, akin
A beautiful specimen
Inside, out
Not a drop of malice
Not a doubt;no doubt.
Soul “sisters”:A joke
Unhinged bloke
Provoking fate
Unreal courses,take.


17 thoughts on “Soul “sisters”

    1. I know,right?:D
      And mistress of the game just takes the legacy forward. I love it!💚
      Wow well,I don’t have any such exciting stories to go with me taking commerce,but that’s a cool enough reason,don’t you think? *grins*
      Thank you so much, Todo!:*


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