Tales of few words.

6 word stories:#6-Miracles.

New life,sweet miracles.

                 Ten little fingers,ten little toes.



20 thoughts on “6 word stories:#6-Miracles.

      1. *long deep sigh* I am not a masochist.
        Why would I add to my suffering? There’s already so much that’s driving me up the wall as it is.
        Yeah,yeah. Busy people who email while they are supposed to be working. 😛


      2. I don’t know. People drive pleasure in ways others can’t understand. Like I am not able to understand, right now. -_-

        No office. Epic LOL.
        You need to come with better punches. -_-


      3. *looooooong suffering sigh* I don’t have the patience for this. 👊
        I meant,in general,you know.😏
        Presumptuous jerks all around these days.😌😶
        I am good with my current ones,no,thank you. 😌


      4. Ah, #achievementUnlocked – Breaking WV’s patience.
        Yeah, ofcourse you did. Lol.
        Ah, name calling. You can do a little better that. Presumptuous? Where did this even come from? LOL

        You sure? You could do a little better. The above one was too bad. #honestOpinion


      5. Because I can. 😏

        Ya Ya.

        You do know that I too can call names, but I chose not to. Because that’s not it is done.

        You’re welcome. Oh btw, don’t sugary smile too much , you just might get diabetes. 😏


      6. Yeah. 😒

        You see. I don’t. Because I’m not that kind of person.
        How it is done ? It’s not done at all. If it is, that is because they other person is either insecure / can’t think of better things to say.

        Sweet tooth means who like eating sweet items. It doesn’t relate to smiling. Unless drooling, of course. 😏


      7. You’re sooo awesome,are you not?😒
        Totally “un”-human.😶
        That’s generalising stuff which doesn’t need generalizing.
        Oh? I didn’t know.*wide eyes*
        You’re sooo intelligent, too.😶


      8. I’m not.
        Dude, why do you have to make a big deal out of it. Un human ? Seriously ? Too lame, Miss A.

        And that’s bad than name calling ? Hmm, I see.

        Now you know. 😒
        You need to work on your sarcasm. 😂😂


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