Tales of few words.

6 word stories:#5-Her cries.

Cries and tears.

       Violently he shamed. Silently she wept.



22 thoughts on “6 word stories:#5-Her cries.

    1. Hey,that’s a good one. It would make for an awesome 15 word story combined with the one I posted.

      Crass he was.
      Violently he shamed.
      Silently she wept.
      Wiped her tears.
      Followed her dream.

      *smirks* See how intelligent and creative I am?:P

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      1.  You do understand that I was the inspiration to be optimistic , don’t you ?

        Oh boy, you should join Twitter.

        I do this kind of stuff all the time.

        PS : Yes. You’re intelligent and creative. Lol. No really, you’re. 😂😂


      2. No doubt.

        PS : Yes, I hoped to hear something new. Not the same old “Sarcasm doesn’t suit you”. You can do better than this, Madam. Pray try harder. 😀
        Ah, the same old – You are Lame. Like these two stuck in your mind, and playing in repeat. 😛


      3. Well,I am not in the correct mind frame right now. I am stressed. So,my brain isn’t working much.
        All I say is what is stuck in my head from the past. So you’re right,in a way. This is stuck in my mind and “playing on repeat”.
        No new,funny retorts.-.-
        You don’t get my funny side, anyway. You gotta be intelligent and creative. Duh. 🐀
        So,no use.😌


      4. I think I sensed that.
        What happened? You know you could talk about it.

        You never let me on your funny side. The moment I try to cross the bridge, you claim that I need to work on sarcasm. You burn that bridge, you see.
        Exactly, no use.


      5. Hmmmm
        It’s just how fast this semester went by and now exams are here. And I dunno anything. Common teenager issues,you know.:P
        But it isn’t helping my mood. It’s making me irritable and angry.:/
        That’s it. Nothing major major,except for the fact that exams and marks are major in my life. You getting what I am saying? Or am I not making any sense,as usual?
        I am flighty with my words? Is that what you’re saying?
        Yeah. I guess I do that. Often. 😶


      6. That’s how time flies and life happens.

        Oh. And I am not helping. Yay.

        I understand. You did make sense. Finally. After so many years. Phew.

        Yes. Often? Yeah, I think I observed that.


      7. Hmmm I get that. It’s just that, it is getting me closer to the time when I will have to actually think about the future. So.:|
        Hahahahahahha I thought you might have. 😛


    1. Well,this was inspired by one of the novels I was reading when I wrote this, where the girl has a messed up family life, her dad being an abusive prick and her being his punching bag.
      It’s not exactly a generalized story,but a very specific one.
      Am I making sense to you?:)

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      1. Oh? I am sorry if it felt insulting,in a way. I didn’t mean it to. I just had that protagonist in mind, and her dad,ofcourse.
        And no worries. That’s the point of having a comment section for every post,isn’t it? So we all can discuss?:)

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