Tales of few words.

15 word stories:#2-Autumn.

Beauty to eyes,desolation to soul.

                        Those wilting leaves.
                      That dilapidated trunk.
                     Them broken branches.
                            The rotten fruit.
                     The hopeless wanderer.



73 thoughts on “15 word stories:#2-Autumn.

      1. Lol
        Actually, I am in a very boring lecture about open economy and international linkages. And nobody seems to be listening. So,I would say,it’s like a TV blaring in the background with the government commercials on.:P
        Lol bad joke!🙈

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      2. 😂😂😂enjoy your class… And hey, if bored.. Read my articles…
        Good luck with the class, I know how a boring class feels like.. And now I also know how it feels when friends are in a boring class and I am not…😜😜


    1. No. Them broken branches, it is.:P
      Thank you so much! 😀
      P.S. WP is messing with me. The comment shit they put me through, being the first torture mechanism. And reposting my posts in the past or future, whenever,being the second one. They sometimes make my posts disappear out of the blue for a couple of hours, and then it’s back again,only posted at an entirely different time than I did.*sighs*
      Also,there’s some issues with the notification panel. So. *sighs again*


      1. *Goes back to English class*

        PS : You must have done something. Otherwise, it was working just fine. -.-
        Disappear as well? Did you piss off someone in the WP ? LOL. 😛
        Problems, problems and more problems.


      2. Hahahahahahahah
        It’s informal English,dude. Don’t you listen to rap music?*shakes her head in a reprimanding way*
        Sometimes grammatically wrong English is used to make the stuff seem more approachable.
        Or Whatevs. *rolls her eyes*

        P.S. No. I didn’t. Don’t start the blame game. Why am I the one to blame all the DAMN time?😒
        I didn’t do anything.😌

        Yo! I dunno. 🙈
        Maybe I did. With my stupid writing and non-sensical stuff.😶
        Problems,bigger problems,huge problems.🐀


      3. Say what ? You rapping now ?
        I think you should leave that to Eminem.
        Sometimes ?
        Thou speaketh what ? 😒😒😒

        PS: You know why. 😂😂
        That’s what people who do something tell. 😒
        Lol. Stupid writing and non sensical stuff ? Whoa. That’s my job. Are you saying you are stealing my job. 😒

        Oh. The Hopeless wanderer = 🐍. Now I get it.


      4. Hahahahaha ofcourse not. Don’t be ridiculous.*waves her hand dismissively in a dramatic way*
        See? Sloooooooow!👿

        P.S. I dunno what you’re talking about.✋
        No. That’s what honest people say when they didn’t do anything. 😌
        Hey! I have been doing that since the beginning of time.😶
        So,it’s you who’s trying to claim this from me,not the other way round. 😒

        *sighs* You’re hopeless,trying to create drama in other people’s life to keep yourself entertained. *shakes her head*


      5. What’s your DJ name ? A.a.a.a.a. ……. ( fill in the blank).
        Rapper Snake. 😂😂
        Me no Shakespeare. 🙏

        PS : Yes. You do.
        Honest. 😂😂 You ? 😂😂
        No. You aren’t.😒😒
        *files a copyright suite*
        OMG. Such a liar. No wonder 🐍.

        Yes. I am a lonely miserable guy who seeks for entertainment in other people’s lives. You just told the obvious. 😂😂😂
        Shakes her head, hissing. 🐍. Didn’t get that mouse yet ?
        Do I even have to explain ? 😂😂


      6. Lalalalalalala 😌
        Yeah,yeah. I can tell that. 😏

        P.S. Nah. Not a clue.😶

        Yo! 100% honest.😌

        Try all you may. I have sources. You are so going down.*smacks her hand in preparation for fight*

        Can we not??!✋
        Lol you are?!*fake exaggerated gasp*
        Poor baby! Tsk tsk tsk!😒
        🐀🐀🐀 Here. You have these. You seem to overtly care for these,anyway.😏

        I can’t hear anymore.🙉


      7. DJ Lala. Ok. Got it, Miss rapper 🐍.

        Oh. You can ? Good for you.

        PS : You ? Without a clue ? Very unlikely.
        I really doubt it. 😒

        😂😂 Try. Try. Try.

        Yes. I’m. What did you think ?
        Please. No need to sympathize. 😒

        Oh your dinner is here ? How was it ? No. Don’t tell me. Hope you enjoyed. 😂

        You could stop replying, you know, if that’s the case. 😂😝


    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words! :*:D
      I came up with it because autumn is actually a contradicting season,what with it being so beautiful in appearance, but the meaning it holds and what it signifies being so bleak and sad. Does this make sense?
      Oopsie! I go on and on once I start.🙈


      1. My pleasure! 🙂
        Yes, that definitely makes sense. And I’m really glad you write things you really feel, because that’s what I think poems are about- emotion.
        And hahah, dw, it was your words that made me click the follow button xD


      2. Oh my! I saw your comment today itself. Apologies. I didn’t get a notification for your reply. My site is malfunctioning. So such stuff happens all the time these days.*sighs*

        And thank youuu!:*
        Even though it’s a month too late.🙈

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    1. Oh! No,I didn’t. 😶
      And there’s some issue with my site. As I told somebody else too,there’s problem with commenting. All comments on my posts, mostly,go to spam. I have to go get them. Also,my posts get reposted whenever. And there’s problem with the notification panel. So,yeah. WP is giving me grief.-.-
      I haven’t blocked you,dude. *shakes her head*

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      1. I am trying. WP people said they would contact me soon. They haven’t, still. -.-
        But anyway.
        You’re being so dramatic, dude. *shakes her head*
        You’re reading too many of my posts. So my drama is seeping into you. 😛 Lol

        Just kidding! 😛

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      2. Mind boggling,actually. This semester is kicking my ass. I can not wrap my head around the fact that it’s almost over. :/
        But the good thing is,I have got my mid-sems from next week. So, I am going home! Woohoo!🎉
        Lol I dunno if I have mentioned this on WP or not, but I am crazy about going home.:P
        So,that. 😀
        What about you?!

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      3. I have mid exams in 20 days and the previous mid didn’t go so well because of getting very good marks ( in my view) in first year and also more concentration on my blog… I kinda challenged to get very good marks this time, so I gotta reduce my blogging stuff 😐…
        Uff that’s it that is all in my head…😅😅


      4. There’s nothing great about it,trust me. It’s a total pain in the butt.*sighs*
        But anyway. I can’t tell you which college,what with the anonymity I want and all.:P
        But I am a student of DU. That I can reveal. 😀
        What about you?!

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      5. Okaay,cool!:D I dunno where that is. Apologies.🙈 I will have to Google it. I am afraid I am not much aware about the science offering universities. *sheepish smile*
        But anyway. I dunno. I always thought you were older. Maybe it was something you said or something. I have no idea. Generally people I interact with here,who are my age, I know about.:/

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      6. Hahhahahahaha
        Well,there are loads of options, if I be logical.
        People do MBA. I guess you know what happens after that.:P
        Master’s in Economics. People go for even higher education after that,then going into research and stuff. Also they get jobs directly after MA.
        And they may go with campus placements right after their graduation. MNCs are demanding economists by the heap load.
        They can be professors,obviously.
        Government Jobs.
        Or,they can marry.:P lol
        But jokes apart,economics has a lot of scope.*Nods*
        If I am not being logical,people might commit suicide. Or turn murderers. Or go crazy.-.-

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      7. You never leave quite a of sarcasm in your comments.. 🤓 Anyway, I am mostly around the people related to sciences, so I am not fully aware of opportunities in other fields.. But Economics sounds great..
        And one thing, research in Economics?


      8. Hahahahaha 🙈
        Hmm that’s the reason I didn’t know about your uni. Is it private?
        It does. On paper. But after you spend time with it,you start seeing it for the sham it is. 😶
        It’s awesome in terms of scope. But these 3 years? They are gonna be looong for me.-.-
        Dude. How do you think the economies around the world Function? Money,and economy,is the most important thing in today’s world. Hence,the demand for economists and variety of options. Annnnd,they are highly paid.*smirks*
        But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.:P

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      9. Private?🙄🙄 I didn’t get you… And what does 3 years mean? Did you start your blog 3 years back?😵I don’t think so..
        And yeah nothing is useless… You Economics people are really important..


      10. I mean non-governmental. Like,DU is a central university under the control of government.
        I mean, 3 years of my UG. Economic honors is a 3 year course.
        Nah. There are still a couple of months even in 1 year. Around mid Jan I started last year.🙈
        Apparently. -.-
        I dunno what will happen to me,though. I just might die before finding out.😶

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