Sinful happenings.

Conundrum everywhere!

            Shadows hold those secrets fast
         In the bosom of their darkest depths
   The silent warning echoes in the black night
         The pall falls hiding the sinful crests.
    The syncretic moments of memories past,
      On the screen run wild of her guilty head
              That shrewd, calculating gaze
   Sees more than with what anyone would fret.
  The psychotic urges of her blotched soul cast
     On the tranquil tracks she needs to tread
                    Beware, little wanderer!
            This is a warning you must heed.
     Perusal of that twisted wilderness will last
          For more than you are ready at best
        She’s like a snake with a forked tongue
        Poisons the minds, and skin she sheds.



39 thoughts on “Sinful happenings.

      1. Not only yours,but everybody’s, dude. It sucks. I make it a habit of checking the spam every couple of days now. And I find so many comments on my current posts as well as the older ones,you won’t believe. *SIGHS*

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      1. Hahhahahahaha that’s like a protocol,okay? I apologize whenever I respond late,no matter the reason.
        And I guess we are,afterall.:P

        You do?!:/

        Hahahaha nah. You’re knocking on the wrong door. Sorry. Go try somewhere else. 🐽


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      2. There are no protocols among friends. Unless (read with dramatic pauses) You. Don’t. Consider. Me. As. One. 😢💔

        Yes. We are. Indeed. So, no apologies please.

        The snake is busy shedding her skin. Ok. I got the answer though. 😝😂😂


      3. Lol I will keep you hanging for that answer. 👿
        No definite one coming your way anytime soon. 😌

        But you don’t know the extent of turmoil WP puts me through. I don’t get notifications for half the comments and replies,on my posts as well as others’. And I find most of the comments on my posts in spam. Seriously. It has become a habit now,this apologizing.*sighs*

        I wouldn’t know.😌


      4. You don’t have to prove to be mean all the time. You could be nice. For once. 😂😂
        Miss meanie. 😒😒

        That is the problem with your phone. 😒 Throw out away already. Please. For humanity sake. 😝😂

        Yeah. I saw the apologies. 😒

        Why wouldn’t you ? 😒😒😒😒


      5. But I am mean! How can I let go of something which is so much a part of me,my meanness?*smirks*
        No,I can not be.😶

        No. It’s WP!!!🙈
        I even contacted WP people. They still haven’t got back to me with the reason for this torture. They said they would.-.-

        Yeah. I have to do that with most of the comments nowadays. It’s rude to not respond to comments on your own posts when you are liking posts on those very people’s sites. Or it would seem to be. So I apologise. And I check spam every couple of days now. So.😶

        Because! You seem to know better anyway.😒


      6. Yes. You are. I do wonder how your bf bears with you. Poor guy.
        Yes , you can be. It’s the choices you make that decide what you are. If you wanted to be nice, you would have been. 😒😒

        It’s the phone. Mostly it’s the person using it. If they don’t know how to use it, what else could WP do except take false accusations. 😂😂

        Oookay. 🙏

        How is the new skin ? 🐍🐍


      7. But see. That’s the thing. I don’t have one. And I am vehemently against getting one for myself,too.😏
        So,totally a hypothetical scenario you are talking about.😌

        No,I can not be. I don’t want to be.😶




      8. So don’t. Idc!😶
        Fake sympathy for a hypothetical guy. You poor thing. This just goes to show that your life lacks entertainment. That’s why you are making stuff up about my life to entertain you. Tsk tsk tsk. Poor, poor!😌😌
        Come out of illusions!🐀

        They have learned to,overtime. They tell me I am awesome all the freaking time. No,seriously. They do. *Nods*


      9. I didn’t. If youbare telling me not to , then there is something you aren’t telling me. But I understood what it is.

        Yes. My life lacks entertainment. Nothing new in that. But yours doesn’t. So, why would I make stuff up, since yours is a pretty interesting life with full entertainment. 😂😂 But your bf, poor guy.

        You brought your pet, I see.
        You see the irony ? Your pet is a mouse and you a 🐍. Lol.

        “No, seriously.” says it all. 😂
        You are nodding ? Trying to assure yourself. Lol.


      10. *long exasperated sigh*
        You’re hopeless. I knew it. I bloody knew it.*shakes her head*
        And,mine is interesting. But a “bf” doesn’t figure in it. Actually, my life is better than most people around because of the simple fact that there’s no place for a bf or “love” in my life. No matter “heartbreaks”. No bullshit. *shrugs*
        Sooo, no poor guy,you poor guy!*devious grin*

        Ha! I brought YOU into the equation. I am a PG kid,remember? No pets allowed.*insert fake sweet smile*

        It’s you I am gonna eat first if I am the snake now. So beware!🐀

        No. I am serious. I have loads of screenshots where people have said I am awesome,and more.*sly grin*
        I actually am. You should have figured that out by now. It’s been, what,more than a month since you first commented on that post of mine?*amused chuckle*


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