It’s his birthday today!❤

He's loved. He's my papa.❤❤❤

Another birthday. Another year of wisdom added to his already burgeoning load. Another year of loving and being loved. Another year living cocooned in the safety and warmth of the knowledge that HE’S my papa. Another year  spent enveloped in care, and strength, and happiness, and, ofcourse, love. He’s the best father. But he’s the BESTEST papa in the whole damn world.❤


52 thoughts on “It’s his birthday today!❤

      1. 😀
        I dunno,dude! I don’t write all that much,and I am not reading as much,either. I dunno what’s wrong. *sighs*
        But if you have noticed that means I am away a lot. I will try to come on WP more in the coming days,what say?:)

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      2. I’m not actually a Mumbaikar (or whatever they call themselves), have never been there. I’m technically supposed to be from there, because of my language and all. xD


      3. Hahaha, nope. Sad, I would have loved to live there. 😦 Maybe someday. 😀 I’m trying to convince my parents to move to Delhi, after my UG. But, no luck so far. *sobs*


    1. Thank you so much for your wishes!:)
      Apologies for the late reply. This was in the spam. Again. This is so frustrating.*sighs*
      Anyway, I have been around. But not quite,to be honest. Haven’t felt much like writing or reading in past few weeks. So.
      But I am trying to visit more now.:)

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