Tales of few words.

6 word stories:#3-Contradiction.


       The sweet nothings. Her burning heart.



23 thoughts on “6 word stories:#3-Contradiction.

      1. Why,I will. It’s not a tick of yours. It’s mine. Is it yours,too?:/
        It’s nothing.*sighs*
        No need of ice cubes. I don’t know you. I am officially declaring that.-.-
        I don’t accept stuff from strangers. Mumma says so. So,no. No ice cubes.😒

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      2. No. I’m just being you. But don’t tell me what to do, okay ? 😝😂 Offers some more ice cubes.

        Well, you don’t really, do you? So, no official declaration needed. 😐
        Ok. No ice cubes, Miss Incorrigible . 😂😝


      3. They wouldn’t.

        You never did, did you ?
        Disown ? Wait. So you claim to know me. Because you can’t ” disown” me unless you knew me once. So… 😂😝😂😂😂

        Yeah. I got it. That’s why I didn’t get any reply to the email ? 😐


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