Tales of few words.

6 word stories:#1-Cautious doings.

6 word stories.

                  On tiptoes, he went to hell.



36 thoughts on “6 word stories:#1-Cautious doings.

      1. Poor u am so sorry bechari bachi 😢😢😢😢 kaise hoga tumhara the future seems so doomed and you crushed under the weight of expectations and responsibilities damm that’s a horrific scene to imagine


      2. Well I didn’t deny it 🙂 but yeah I can feel your pain can understand your worries and you being in ur teens ur emotional levels are kinda high its ok but with time even you will cope up with things and get ur act straight 🙂


  1. Hey I got one by Robert Frost,
    Woods are lovely dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    Miles to go before I sleep,
    Miles to go before I sleep.
    27 word stories…😃😂😂

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      1. Thanks to Robert Frost….
        And its always great to read your blogs….though most of the time I get the meaning hours after reading…😆

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    1. Oh God!I didn’t get a notification for your comment. Just saw it when going through the comments on this post. Apologies.
      I am going over rightaway.🙈✌
      Annnnd,how about I just follow you?You won’t have to notify me about every post, then. Sounds cool?:P

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