I am THE Sun.

Burn you,I will.*sighs*

Those condescending looks
Veiled by the shroud of indifference
Spearing me, strips me down to the bone.
Those unbelievably innocent eyes
Are just a cover to hide their evil sides.
They are the worst kind of evil,
Nonchalantly dismissing my dreams
As insignificant.
Those delicate looking educated hands
Move to throttle my voice
In the dark of the night
Under the faint light of the stars,
The moon hidden behind
The thick cover of the clouds.
Those sugary sweet words
Spilling from their poisoned mouths
Like froth on the pretty porcelain floors,
Ruining their clinical,perfect worlds
Reducing the hardwork it had taken
To make it spec-free, to nothing.
They have labeled me as the setting sun,
Going down;
soon to be hidden beneath the night ocean.
But what they don’t realise is that
I am the sun.
I rise.
Again and again and again.
The turbulent ocean is my cover
Their covers are fickle.
Mine? A powerful being
With the power to destroy them all.
I am the sun
I will rise again.
I will shine again.
I am THE sun.
I can burn.
I might, one day.
I will.



39 thoughts on “I am THE Sun.

  1. Well said. Everyone is The SUN. Its only about time required to realise that. In Indian Philosophy man’s life is described as journey from “who am I?” (कोहम) to “I’m that”(सोहम). Same is the case with Buddhism where one travels towards “SUCHNESS”(तथता). Its journey of self realisation which transcends all the opposites. I’ll stop now, I’m going all irrelevant. Like I said before you make us all think. Best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahahahahahaha
        Mine is trying to catch the ugly,evil rodent that has come to my place to visit. This is not something I am used to. Rodents, I mean.I hate hate hate them. But one has come to my place and I was shouting and jumping around like a maniac a couple of minutes ago. Now,Mumma and her bestie are in THAT room, trying to catch or kill or do whatever to THAT thing.🙈🙊


      1. Oh my!Didn’t get a notification for your reply. Again. This is happening so much it’s getting on my nerves. -.-
        Anyway,thank you so much for the sweet words, Ada!:*
        Me,too. Easy to write,only require a minute to read,convey stuff without twisting it.:D
        This one I wrote?^ It feels good. I like it,to be honest. But it feels like those poetries in the English textbooks which you need to slam your head against to make out their meaning or need the teachers to explain those to you.:|

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know it’s not. I have written it afterall. Not some well-renowned poet.🙈
        I mean,it’s in that direction, in a way.:P
        It damn well is!!!*huffs* I found not only yours but a handful of comments like this which I hadn’t replied to because I had no freaking idea. People will think I don’t respond intentionally. If they don’t already.😶


      3. Hahahahaha thanks,Ada!🙈🙈
        And,this has happened more than a couple of times with the same people. And I talked to them. Soooo. But it’s a good thing if they forget . But then why do I remind them by responding after Weeks?🙊

        Liked by 1 person

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