#How are you?!-Happy side.

How are you?:RELOADED.

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P.S. I did a post titled HOW ARE YOU which talked about the various emotions people try to hide,i.e.,the unhappy,sad kinda emotions. A couple of people, namely Jo and Abhijit, wanted me to do a post which was a collection of positive,happy emotions. This post is not only a collection of emotions but stuff which gives me happiness:A word,a phenomenon, an action, a thing, or an emotion; anything. I dunno about everybody else,but this is my happy collection. 🙂
What’s yours?*raises her brows expectantly*


59 thoughts on “#How are you?!-Happy side.

    1. Sooch, are you talking to the Donuts?🙈
      I am sorry,but I have been kinda misunderstanding people a lot these last few days. So,I confirm each and everything before actually responding. Like a total retard.😶
      Sooo,do you miss the donut babies or me?*wide fluttering eyes*
      Haha or is that your happy phrase?:P

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      1. Oh my!Everybody’s wisdom teeth are popping here on WP. It’s nightmarish, yeah?*visibly shudders*
        I am just thankful mine aren’t.*sighs*
        Take care!And I really hope the pain recedes. I have heard it might cause mental trauma.*Nods*

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  1. Love, books, painting, economics, good teachers, loyalty, courage, taking a leap of faith, when someone smiles and you’re the reason for their smile, friends who don’t expect much, dancing (or in my case – hopping all over the place), drawing, sketching, songs, joking around With brother, laughing uncontrollably

    Yeah, I’ll stop now. 😝

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    1. Wow some collection huh?:P
      Awesome choice,by the way. Everything in here sounds great.:D
      I kinda agree with yours too. Mostly.:P
      No,don’t. Continue,by all means. This makes me realise what all I missed up there.:D


      1. Understanding relationships, cool breeze, long hair, holding hands occasionally, watching a movie with your grandparents, making your grandparents happy, watching them smile, feeling the love and affection in their eyes, getting a lot of work done in a day.

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      2. I can’t relate to most of these,unfortunately. *sighs*
        I just cut down my middle-back length curly hair to shoulder length,I don’t wanna understand relationships,I never hold hands with anyone except my mumma,my paternal grandparents are no more,neither is my maternal grandfather,Annnnnd,I am kinda lazy. So,I never do a lot of work in a day. Lol
        But this list is awesome,anyway.:)


  2. One of the great poet in our local language says (just translation) “how you want to live your life? To crib all your life or to live like you are singing a song?”
    That is song is above blog…well written….and by the way what do you mean by GAY?

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    1. Wow that’s a great question which everybody needs to ask themselves. Because until and unless they don’t, they aren’t living.:)
      Thank you so much for the sweet words! :*
      Hahaha I meant happy. Gay means happy too,you know. 😛
      But if it’s someone’s happy word because they are Gay Gay, then that’s okay. But I meant happy only.:D


      1. Hahahaha okaaaay. I don’t read much of romance,to be honest. But how about I suggest the ones I have read and liked? I am not really sure you’ll like those. But I would love it if you try reading these.
        So,there’s this series called fall away series. 4 books. All are damn awesome!😍 They are written by Penelope Douglas.
        There’s this standalone:Soulmates. A different theme. Totally worth multiple reads.♥
        Then this series called Rosemary Beach by Abbi Glines. The first three books are a story of same characters.Damn GOOD!!!💚💚💚Also,there’s this other book called Rush too far. It’s the guy’s POV for the first book. Dayum good,ya!❤
        The next two are of another set of protagonists. That’s good,too.:D
        There’s this other series by Abbi Glines:Sea Breeze. The theme is kinda repetitive in the books of this series though. But it’s still good. And,it has like 8-10 books,maybe. So,I dunno if it’s your scene or not. But it has different stories of people who are connected together. 😀
        Then,the Vincent boys(2 books) by ,again,Abbi Glines.
        I guess,it’s safe to say that she is my favorite romance writer. Lol
        Annnnnd,I can go on and on and on when it comes to books I love.*sheepish grin*

        Sooo,Zee!Try these,girl!I would love it if you try these.:D
        And,do tell me how you like these. Annnnnd,if you want more recommendations and are not bored with books of my choice,you know who to contact.:P
        Also,if you wanna try something other than Romance,try Sheldon. My love.❤❤

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      2. Thanks alot. ..I have read Penelope Douglas and miss glines is yet to be read. .
        U like standalone? I do at times but very few catch my interest as now I am pro in evaluating authors as I have read around 270 books :p this is the only thing I like to brag about 😀
        U ll love clash series by Nicole williams I swear I am still in emotional trauma after reading that. .
        I love thriller as well but yeah I will contact you. .finally I have found some one who shares my interest. .
        Do you have goodreads account? ?? I can see the list from there ? .I ll take screen short of this and thanks for takin out time. .u r way too adorable 🙂


      3. Awesome!Then you must know she rocks!Especially with fall away series.♥ Read that. I am telling you. Seriously.
        I generally don’t, dude. I want the good stories to go on and on. And standalones make me wanna smack my head against the wall if I actually like it. I actually sob sometimes. Really.*Nods vigorously*
        Annnnd,read AG!She rocks. But, her work,especially in that 3 book series is kinda explicit. Just saying.:P
        Hahahahahahahah I have read more than 1000.
        Many more,actually. 🙈🙊 Like a book a day,a book a night kinda more.:P
        I am gonna try that,then.:D
        Hahahahahhaha yes!Yes!Interest here. *waves her hand in indication to herself* I am an obsessive reader and re-reader. All those I have suggested to you?I have read those all many, many times. Seriously. 🙈
        No,I don’t. Sorry. But you can find the epub formats on mobile9. Annnd,it’s free.*smirks*
        Do tell me how it goes with AG and suggest new books to me whenever you feel like I might like it.:D

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      4. U r then my kinda person where were you before. ..Why don’t they give genies world record for completing a book in a day :P. .yeah I follow mobile9 ..epub rocks ..made life so easier! !!
        Yeah I like stories to go on as well and they should never end. .after reading clash series by Nicole williams. I was so in shock why it ended please please read that. ..I could die for heroes like that 😀
        Some authors are so good with their banters and quick wits that I am so drawn like a moth to a flame :p
        Beautiful disaster series was my fav. .give it a read. .
        Just download Rosemary series! !! I am so excited :p

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      5. Hahahahahahaha I was right here girl. You just didn’t see it.
        Lol too cheesy?:P
        Hahahhaha I tend to go overboard with my drama. Ignore!:P
        Hahahahahahahah they should,right?*Smirks*
        And 2 books in a day, if you consider the night book a part of the day too.(But they shouldn’t be Sheldon thick. I don’t have superpowers. Lol)
        I knowwww! Damn easy. Seriously. I can find almost all the books there. 😍 And epub does rock.❤
        Exactly!I am gonna try it 100%. And I will get back to you when I am done with it.:D
        I have read beautiful disaster!Trevor’s story?The fighter?And Abby ?*excited squealing* I loved it.:D
        Yayayayay!Hope you love it. Very intense and very,very adorable!:D
        And read Rush too far,too.😍
        Do tell me when you are done. Whenever you are.💋

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