Happiest birthday, Mumma! ❤

And she's another year of awesome!❤❤❤

Cradling my head
In the warmth of your lap,
And murmuring sweet nothings
When I felt sad,
And the silent understanding
That dawns in your eyes
Whenever I am low
Or something isn’t right.
And the fooling around
And laughing like hell,
Like old buddies;
Old buddies,Oh yes!
And the happiness,
The glow on your face
When I come home
Or tell you about a test I aced.
The pride in your smile
And the praise in your actions;
The delicacies you make,
Giving me the greater fractions.
The unconditional love,
The friendship I don’t deserve,
The bond we share,
Your strength I crave,
Your beautiful soul;
I am a part of your whole.
Whenever you smile
I find myself grinning.
Whenever you adore me
I feel like I won an inning.
You’re the best;
Have always been
I wanna be like you
Even though that’s still unseen.
You are you!
You are special!
You are awesome!
You are…love;the best mumma ever!

P.S. I know bestest isn’t actually a word,ya!
But even that isn’t enough to describe the kind of best that is my mumma!We have that bond that most people dream about. And I am so thankful for that. It’s her birthday now.🎂
I am away,but I hope she realises the kind of bestest she is to me.*smiles*



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