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Tattoo love!♥

This is totally out-of-the-way random. I dunno why I decided to share this now. It’s not like this is a new idea,or something. Maybe it’s because since I put this as my WhatsApp dp a couple of days ago,number of people have texted me saying that it’s a pretty tattoo I have got. But,anyway.

A pen tattoo I made a couple of days ago. I might have made a dozen more since then,though. Obsessed much?:P *sheepish smile*

I have always wanted to get a tattoo. Not some meaningless shit,but something which is close to my heart;something which means,if not everything,something to me. Something which stands for something sacred in my life. Or maybe which is just my own. That’s why I have always loved foreign languages, I guess. Because,I know, not everybody around me gets it. I have always had this thing in my head. If I ever get something so permanent on my body,it should mean something, and it should mean that something to me. Not everybody would be a “voyeur” to that intimate stuff goaded on my being. I don’t wanna regret it. I don’t wanna publicise it. I don’t wanna explain it.
But I am afraid. People who have tattoos tell me that you need to take care of it for a month and it hurts for a couple of weeks. I dunno about that.
I don’t want it at an obvious place or a totally hidden one,for that matter.I like the idea of behind the ear. Or between the fingers. Or between the toes. Or whatever.
Yeah. So,for the time being, I will make do with tattoos made with a pen. By me. Till I am comfortable enough to get a permanent one,if ever,this is the best alternative, I believe.*shrugs*
Any tattoo diaries kinda thingie to share,anyone?*quirks a brow*



52 thoughts on “Tattoo love!♥

    1. I know exactly what you mean,Muskan.*grins*
      I know I want one but I dunno what that is exactly. Nor do I know if I am ready to bear the pain. All in all,I love the idea of tattoos but I dunno if I love it enough to stare at it forever.:|
      But, you never know.*smirks*

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      1. Browser hahahahahaha you cracked me up. Lol
        But anyway. A valid point,you have there.*Nods with a serious expression*
        Anyway,I love my weirdness,to be honest.So,it doesn’t really matter.:P
        And I ramble,too. Like,to extremities. So much so that I am afraid people won’t comment on my posts ever again,after I am through with them.Seriously. That just might happen with me,you know.*sheepish smile*

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  1. It’s nice
    Something Something
    O Little Something
    What are you that something !

    I used to do calligraphy of Letter everyday morning during my college days, and like the symbol on Harrys Head and so on. I used to right in the left wrist under the thumb. It used to be visible and a nice mark. So keep up and keep sharing, may be it is a 19een thingy if not anything.

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    1. No idea about that lil something. 😛
      I am doing exactly that now. Everyday brings a new, pretty idea for a tattoo to my mind and I draw that on me,ofcourse.Every single day.During the macroeconomics class.Which now that I mention,I shouldn’t be doing.:/
      But,anyway.Today it was an intricate “mysteries” on the inside of my left wrist with a heart above it. In green ink.That’s childish.:|

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  2. I’m writing a book, the first one of an ongoing story. The day I may reach a publication and the first money I will get a tattoo symbolising my main character and narrator. As it’s multiple books and the protagonists change it will be three tattoos symbolising each another character. This is very personal and no matter if the books succeed or not it’ll always remind me what I did and what my book meant to me in a time of little hope. That sounds very pathetic.

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  3. As long as it’s something that you wouldn’t mind staring at for the rest of your life, and something you’ll be proud to show on your body even as you grow older, I think tattoos are a beautiful way to express yourself! I personally have 5, and each one reflects a piece of my personality, my soul, or a life event. Mine, at least for the most part, aren’t in your face-noticeable… A heart with headphones between my shoulder blades representing my love for music, three doves on the top of my foot for each of my grandparents that have passed away, a feather on the inside of my right wrist that I got after my divorce sort of representing freedom (and my love of feathers!), quotation marks behind each of my ears for my love of writing, and my newest addition from this past weekend, the song lyric, “Never let your fear decide your fate” from “Kill Your Heroes” by Awolnation. It stretches from the inside of my left elbow to my wrist, constantly reminding me not to let what I’m afraid of judge my decisions and ultimately the outcome of my life!

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    1. Wowowow! All of these sound beautiful. ♥
      Hope I too have such a pretty story to tell behind my tattoo, if I ever get one, that is. I want it to mean something to me;something special. 😀


  4. I have six tattoos and I took some time to think about why i was getting them, and then I ran through with it. One of them is a ninja. I can’t find it though. I think it left my skin long ago.


  5. I’ve always loved Tattoos but I have never gotten one done before. Maybe the odd henna ones but not something permanent. I am way to indecisive to get something permanently carved into my skin lol I might love it today and hate it tomorrow lol


    1. Hahhahahahaha I know the feeling. I am confused as well. And the henna ones aren’t all that satisfying. I have stopped getting the henna designs on my hands on special occasions as well.:/
      But I would definitely love to get a permanent one. If only…*sighs*

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