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A taste of Kolkata!

A looooonnnng pending post. I had promised I would take you through Kolkata with me. Apologies!
A handful of stuff I found in Kolkata which was fascinating/wonderful/awesome/or just plain out weird. I wanted to do a picture book thingie,but I guess this doubles as that,too.

The famous yellow ambassador taxi. I even rode in it this time.♥

Nice ride,eh?:P

✴The rosogollas,ofcourse.😍

They made me go wowowowow. 😍

I had so many of these ,you won’t believe. They are highly perishable ,so I had to curb my craving in Kolkata only. I think I might have gained a couple of kilos or ten.:/

✴The painted on buses.

Weiiiiird.But adorable.

No freaking idea what is written,though.-.-

✴The weirdly colorful buildings. They are so damn cute. I clicked so many pictures of these!

They sure love them some colors.:P
And this.:D
Aaaand this.♥

✴The beautiful sites. Where the hell were these during my first visit?! -.-

I especially loved this site.


Just loveeeeee these.
✴The coconut trees.


✴The howrah bridge ,ofcourse .

Loved this view. Ganges bank with a view of the famous bridge.:D

✴The weird take on North Indian food. I personally despised that. It didn’t look like it. It didn’t taste like it. It didn’t feel like it. But it is, what it is.

The daal was sweet. Hated that,to be honest.-.- But that's how it's supposed to be there,I guess.:/

✴The roadside “market”. People had these makeshift shops on the roadside. I dunno why,but I especially liked this sight.

The vegetable man. The potatoes looked different, too.They had yellowish skin. North Indian potatoes are more along brown-y. 😛

✴The cute little food shop/stall. The jalebis don’t look so good, though. The dull orange ones are more my thing. This yellow doesn’t compel me. At all.


✴The dakshineshwari temple. So damn famous. And pretty too.


✴And the pigeons there.


✴And yes!This is not about Kolkata, as such, but I liked the idea of newspapers in 3 languages. I only ever read English and Hindi ones. So,those ones along with bangla just made me go wow. Weird ,huh?*sheepish smile*



72 thoughts on “A taste of Kolkata!

    1. You think so?! Thank you so much, Todo.:*
      And I am so freaking jealous of you right now.*fumes*
      I want rosogollas. Like,right now.#_#
      P.S. I didn’t know you were from Kolkata. Where exactly do you live there?!


  1. N@!CE
    That’s cool
    Read newspaper only in two languages 😛
    Where I go by they have newspapers in 6-7 different languages and I can manage almost all of them 😀 and the interesting thing in most of them is there is no news in most of them. Every next page it is advertising.

    But great experience ah!
    Welcome back.
    Keep going.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. What are we talking about?
        The greatness of rosogollas? Because they definitely are awesome.♥
        Or the food I just couldn’t get past my lips?-.-
        The daal was sweet. The vegetables were weird. And they didn’t look appetising to me.I am not trying to be disrespectful. Maybe that’s how it is for them. But as a North Indian who loves spices and her food,it just didn’t work for me. That being the understatement of the year,ofcourse. :/

        Liked by 1 person

    1. And you’re telling me now. -.-
      You know,so many people told me they were from Kolkata after I came back. :/
      Anyway,I loved the place. Like seriously. ♥
      And that temple is sooo pretty. 😀
      You’re lucky,ya!You live so near to it. I am so jealous.:P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually…..
        These days are not allowing me to do any thing which interests me 😛
        #busy schedules_hate em !!
        And yah !! That temple is a beauty.
        And please don’t be that jealous…its not so near 😜


      2. Umm…I dunno.:/
        No reason,actually. Just felt like being jealous then. *snorts* Now?Not so much.
        Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Have patience. Such whacko behavior is my specialty. That’s why weird is my middle name.*sly grin*


      3. Haha !!
        You are funny 😂
        One help violet…
        Actually…. M not able to promote my blog…A very few people here know me…it not like my posts are not impactful (being self obsessed 😜 …actually People who know me, they do appreciate my work.. Lol)
        So any expert tips??? 😊


      4. Hey,thanks!*grins* I know I am awesome. 😛 hahahaha
        Anyway,jokes apart…see,I don’t really have any secret tips up my sleeve,to be honest. Actually,I think my readers aren’t really liking the stuff I have been posting lately. *grumbles under her breath*It’s not like I am making an effort myself. Dunno what crap I have been posting since I came back from the unofficial leave. -.-
        So,yes!I dunno how to help myself,let alone you.*Sighs*
        But one thing I always tell anybody/everybody who asks for “tips” is,tag your posts well. ’cause that’s how the readers are gonna find your work.:/
        And write what you feel like writing from your heart. Don’t follow like a herd. I mean,that sounds kinda hypothetical, but that’s actually something every blogger should follow,I believe.
        And my tips giving skills end there. That’s all I have in me when it comes to tips.*shrugs*
        P.S. What the hell do you mean,expert?*Snorts* I am no expert. I feel like a washout nowadays.:|


      5. Thank you so the muchs and muchs !! 😊
        Glad that you showed interest…
        But i will disturb you again 😛
        The problem lies within finding the appropriate tag words…lol…i know i am sounding like a weird fella..who knows nothing out of hell evrything 😝…but the cycle revolves this way only 😛
        And yes…i don’t write just for the sake of writing….and i do follow only those creatures who make some sense all through… So i am on the right track..i suppose…do i???
        But again….appropriate tag words have a chemistry equation to solve 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Haha You’re very welcome! 😀
        I love it when people interact here on WP. Any which way. 🙂
        And no problem. You can disturb me anytime you want. But it’s not necessary I might be able to respond instantly. I am generally log in several times a day most days. So,I will try to get back to you ASAP.:D
        And tagging feels like an art in itself,don’t you think? :/
        We might never be able to perfect it. Ever. *sighs*
        And that’s good to know that you write when it matters. Not just for the sake of it.Cheers to that.✌


    1. Hahahahahaha won’t do you any good. It varies from post to post,first of all. Obviously.
      And secondly,I am as much an amateur in the art of tagging as you are. Maybe,more so. I give this advice,but I don’t follow it myself. It’s just that it feels useful. I use the common generalised tags most of the time. :/
      But you should try some which would publicise your blog. Something which people would search on net. Like keywords,okay?✌

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha :
        I was kidding violet 😛
        A copier has no identity….and i thought my “hahhahahahas” will do…but you took it seriously 😛

        And yess…thank you…you awesome stranger 🙂 🙂
        Your suggestion has been logged in 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oopsie!My bad.It’s generally the other way round.But there’s always a first time for everything,I guess.:P
        And you’re very welcome! *Whispers under her breath*although it doesn’t feel like I did anything worth thanking me for. 😐


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