Our past is what shapes us,the scars it leaves behind mold us,and what we do with the shit that’s left over is what defines us.



42 thoughts on “Perspectives.

  1. Absolutely. This quote is wonderful. Plus something that her mom says about kindness in her hands, that is quintessential.
    Lately I have been behaving weird and I was wondering what is going wrong.
    One super serious – I have not been blogging (*Not doing what I like)
    Second – I am not being who I am. I am losing the simplicity. Got to work on it soon. Thanks for sharing the quote much needed, would you believe it ? Coincidence !

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  2. humour and insight..lovely..
    and there actually comes so much to think about with this..
    your soo good with words and your thoughts are beautiful..
    speacially how you put soo deep thoughts into just 4 small lines..
    awesoem ♡

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