**Broken | Terrified | Sad | Lonely | Hurt | Upset | Alone | Depressed | Suicidal | Angry | Hateful | Breaking down | Screaming | Empty | Dead | Nothing | Crying | Shouting | Giving up | Hiding | Wearing a mask |   Cutting | Horrible | Stressed  | Down | Hollow | Worthless | Messed up | Misunderstood | Frightened | Incapable | Distressed | Inferior | Lost | Cynical |Pathetic | Ashamed | Bitter | Forced | Uneasy | Tense | Dominated | Pessimistic | Distrustful | Tearful | Crushed | Offended | Aching | Wronged | Timid | Wary | Victimized | Tortured | Pained | Lifeless | Cold | Dull | Nervous | Scared | Suspicious | Alienated | Numb | Stressed | Bruised**
                            I AM FINE!
                  *insert fake smile here*

                     SO, HOW ARE YOU?



130 thoughts on “HOW ARE YOU?

    1. Nothing, dude.Nothing at all. It’s just the generic response of people in all damn situations,don’t you think?
      Unless someone is a total attention-whore or a little over-dramatic shit.Otherwise, this is how they respond.*sighs*
      They don’t wanna hurt people, so they hurt themselves, instead.-.-
      People need to get real and face their problems honestly.Otherwise it would damage them to an extent which would be near impossible to recover from.

      Wow!Some rant huh?

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      1. Nope. This is more of a sensible opinion than a rant. You’re right. But then again, do you think the people REALLY want to know how you are when they greet you?

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      2. If they don’t want to know,they shouldn’t pose a rhetorical question.*fuming*
        This is something people use for small talk,yeah?They need to stop.This isn’t daily-freaking-soap,for god’s sake!No points/fans for you being the small talk pro.
        In States,people ask this in passing,like stranger to stranger and they don’t even stop to listen the answer!For them,it’s a “Hey”.But not here.If you asked the question,brace yourself for the answer,however bad.-.-
        Anyway,the main issue is with the person the question is asked from.They need to brace themselves for the truth of THEIR lives.

        God!I don’t even know why I am so furious about this!It’s not like I am one of those.I tell it how it is.Whether someone wants to hear or not.:/

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      3. Hahaha you know what?I feel better now.After ranting in 2 long comments,I actually feel better.:D
        And replying to you like you’re the reason for this all.^*sheepish smile*
        And that they have.:|

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      4. Oh my god!Did you feel that way?!I am so sorry.I didn’t mean it that way.
        Even that infuriates me.People treating others like punching bag.I feel like breaking all their teeth.Now that I come to think of it, I do it too.
        *Grumbles to self*Bad,A.Very bad.

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      5. Yes!And very easily,too.I get irritated very very easily.Not all the time,but when I don’t want people trying to shove their shit on my head,I tell them to shove it you-know-where.
        Temper tantrums. 😛

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      6. I am so glad you understand,girl. :D:P
        I wanna give you a nickname.I think we are past that,don’t you think?We talk almost regularly here.
        What should I call you? *serious contemplation*
        Would Ada do? 😛
        You’re free to point it out if it sucks.I just wrote the first thing that jumped at me from your name.
        Or suggest something you prefer to be called.:D

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      7. I do,too.:D
        Does “Shu” sound kinda gross to you,too?*snorts*
        Shubh? Nah people must call you that,already.:/
        S? Uncreative like hell-.-
        Ugh!I dunno.I suck at naming.Or nicknaming, to be exact.*exasperated*
        You suggest a few,why don’t you?

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      8. Shubs? Many people call me that and it’s catchy. You can alternate between Ada and Shubs! I like Ada! Or you can call me Shooby Doo! One of my blogger friend Mark calls me that! 😀

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      9. I’m gonna call you violet! I like voilet, even though many call people call you voilet. And anyway my TONE of calling you voilet will be different from others! 😉

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      10. Hahahahahahahaha
        That sounds good.*_*
        Violet it is.:D
        P.S.:Not all that many people call me violet.Only a couple.Some stick to V,some to WV or W or wandering violet.And yes.Many call me A.That’s the first letter of my name,ofcourse.:P

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      1. Absolutely yes!!! It’s just taken away the emotion & feeling from a genuine how are you?? Things seem to get more artificial by the passing day..
        Wen no one cares.. Why ask?? Why do it??
        It’s a fad that needs to breathe its last..


      2. True you.. True you!!!

        Psycho: How are you?
        Me: * thinking and mumbling what to reciprocate* Well..,
        Psycho: Did you check out the new coffee shop down the block??
        Me: No I didn’t… * *like the psycho cares for my reply,nor would I feel fine telling it to you**
        Psycho: aaahh!! It’s snazzy.. You know me and my… * I’m not interested, mind on something else*

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      3. Oh my god!The internal babbling doesn’t get better expressed than this.
        I feel like strangling such little shits, I tell you. Who the hell needs you to ask them any damn thing Huh?
        Go mind your own damn business. *fumes*

        And the anger returns again.

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      4. Krappy SOCIAL MEDIA is filled with ppl faking themselves and you..
        You really think their lives are as happy as they portray?? Ummm.. I bet not!!
        Who the hell puts up a status ” Got Jacked today,outta my Job and I’m on the edge of being bankrupt??”
        Well,not many… All of em trying to prove how their lives are better than yours.. 😔😔😔
        I don’t want any1 to ask me how I am,if they don’t care.. I’m fighting my own battles behind that mac foundation and rimmel eyeshadows.. 😔


      5. Yup.. Nobody would wanna tell the bad stuff happening would they?? Nobody wants to tell if they hurt someone,nobody wants to tell if they are in a rut, nobody wants to tell if they are going mad with no me time..

        They just wanna go ahead acting like things are just soo fine with em..

        I’ve got a so called friend and I told her how irritating my schedules are and how I hate coordinating with the juniors and I’m roused by frantic calls of my subordinates asking me if this is right or that.. You know like s typical rant..

        And she just said.. ” Awwwwhh.. Honey… I feel you!!”

        And the very next moment.. She starts off with how blessed she feels being a full time stay at home mom and how working moms can never feel that happiness..

        I’m like.. ” Excuse me?? Is that directed at me??”

        Kick me in the mouth for telling you anything!! By the way.. That started with the ” how are you?” 😒😒


      6. Oh gawd!Did she really say that?!How about I start with her in that kicking the butt and strangling plan we have going?*fumes*
        I feel infuriated on your behalf right now.My mumma is a working mother and she is the best one outta there.And I think her being a working mother is what has shaped our relationship to be that awesome.I have the most wonderful mother, I tell you.😄
        I think I should do a post about it sometime.:/
        So,stop.You see where I am going with this,don’t you? You’re gonna be just fine.Let her rot in hell if she’s not all that awesome friend she always seemed to be before this.*winks*

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      1. Hahahaha I am pretty sure I am not.:P
        I wouldn’t have minded their super strength in kicking the butt of jerks,though.*serious contemplating while nodding the head with a serious expression*


      2. Ofcourse I do that!Why would I pretend to be anything else on a platform where people don’t even know my name,when I don’t do that in real life?I mean, had you been present in front of me you would actually see me laughing when I say hahahaha or whatever.
        I do express my genuine expression in writing here.:D

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      1. I too get sucked into the downward spiral of negative thoughts.. It’s a powerful force. I’m going through it now to be totally honest. The only way up and out is to stop the crippling words from forming by intentionally forming positive ones instead. When you’re sad you can try the word Reflective… When you’re hurt try the word human.


  1. Hey nice though but, all the expressions and feelings are more kinda pessimistic feeling… Where is Happy, Joyful etc..
    I think you liked the movie “Insideout” so much that you forgot the ” joy” in that movie…😜😜😜


    1. That’s how it was supposed to be,Abhijit. People don’t need to lie when they are happy,joyful or whatever. They lie when they aren’t all that good.When they aren’t fine,they say they are.:/
      That’s what this was about.

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  2. I totes agree with you. Instead of asking how are you I now ask what’s up? Most of the times I get a similar cookie cutter response *cough same old same old cough* but at least they don’t have to pretend nothing emotionally is going on.

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  3. Pretty confused.. I have never said I am not fine to anyone. So here as there is no need to say ( *just type*) , so I was feeling low before reading this, but now I am feeling somewhat better. Haha.. 🙂

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      1. Why,thank you. 😀
        I saw something similar somewhere.Then I just had to do this.:)
        You know that feeling ,sometimes you just feel compelled to do stuff?That’s what I am talking about.If you’ll see the previous comments you will realise how furious I was when I posted this.Now I feel better,ofcourse.

        Woah some comment it is.
        You must be regretting the moment you decided to comment.*sheepish smile*


      1. But I am just trying to say that there is only negative and sad words. It’s not necessary that everybody feels only in this way. Where is the joyful and happy feelings? You should’ve wrote that, too. That’s it.


      2. But see,the thing is,people don’t generally hide the happy feelings.They exaggerate those,to be honest.
        What they feel they should hide are the negative or unwelcome feelings.
        You never find someone who is feeling great say,I am fine.They will be like, I am awesome, dude.
        But you always find someone who’s down mutter,I am fine. Absolutely fine.Don’t you worry.

        Think about it.

        And by the way,I already promised one of our fellow bloggers that I would do something with a bunch of positive feelings. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the reblog. 🙂
      I am so sorry. I missed this completely. I was just going through this post because I posted something similar recently and came across your comment.
      Apologies, again.:)


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