The gorgeous Devil


The moment she looked up,she was lost. She never expected to get here. In the distance stood that fateful treehouse in that beautiful lavender farm. And on the balcony stood the Devil,ever gorgeous as the fallen angel he was. And staring right at her. As if he could see the indecision in her eyes from all these yards away and willing her with his eyes to let go of her inhibitions and surrender. Surrender to the Devil himself. So he could destroy her life once again. Like the first time wasn’t enough. Like losing her parents didn’t satisfy his need for revenge. Like making her a distrusting cynic didn’t dim the embers of the fire that burned in his heart all those years ago, even a little bit. Like turning her against the perfect life she could have had didn’t even register in his mind. Or maybe she had been the one in the wrong. Maybe it was she who had misjudged the situation;got it all wrong. Maybe his motive had never been destroying her life. Maybe it was destroying her. All he needed was her accepting defeat. If she surrendered, he could snap her neck with a flick of his pinky. That’s how he worked. Surrender,and die. Like hell. She would never!She turned to run back but before she moved even a step,she felt his breath on her cheek. “Play time over,sweetie”, were the last words she heard before he destroyed her for good.



28 thoughts on “The gorgeous Devil

      1. Hahahahahahha
        Noooo.Not at all.Half the things I write feel like total shit.The other half?Laaaaaame.
        Whatever I write just makes an appearance on WP only.So,whatever feedback I get here is all I have to go by.*sheepish smile*

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