New times,new transformations.

Ailing body
Troubled soul
Flapping limbs
Happy moments
Far and few
Rare smiles
Call to you.
Thoughts unhindered
Talks uncomplicated
Bruised spirit
Walls agitated.
Won’t move,
Golden hooves
Like an animal
Unexpected cues.
Unsolicited dances
Running free
Talking to thee…



61 thoughts on “Transformations.

    1. Haha I seriously need to do a post about my inspiration. People sure are getting the wrong idea.
      Most of my posts are inspired by the lives of characters in the novels I so love to read.So,all of these are fictional, you know.*sheepish smile*
      But yeah.All these transformations!:D

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      1. As I said,the characters in the novels I love to read and their lives.:D
        They have infinite source of inspiration. A new novel,numerous new characters and loads of stuff which can inspire. Atleast,they inspire me.*grins*

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      1. Hey,I definitely need to do a post about what my pieces are about.You all really think all the stuff I write is about me?:/
        My life isn’t that messed up.My posts are generally about the characters in the novels I love reading.Believe me.
        I have been getting this for sometime now.I need to post about it ASAP.*Nods with a serious expression*


      2. Well that way you seem to love the messed up people I suppose 😁 anyways I’ll direct my remark to the fictional character the piece was based on 😇👍👌


  1. I didn’t know you write these poems based on characters from novels! That’s amazing! I’m pretty sure you might have written atleast one such poem about a Sidney Sheldon character?

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    1. Hahahahahha as I mentioned before,my life doesn’t usually have enough drama to write poems about.And the theme I find most commonly around me is love.Now as you know,love is not something I believe in.And I inhale novels.So,the gist of this^ all is,the drama to base my pieces on, that is,poems as well as other stuff is found in novels.*sly grin*
      As for the Sheldon characters, well,maybe.:P
      Not the recent ones,ofcourse.I haven’t read_or reread,to be precise_a Sheldon book in quite sometime now.:|
      I am definitely gonna write a post about the source of my inspiration sometime soon.Number of people have assumed that I write such stuff based on my life.I need to clear the air.:)

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      1. Ohh, well, my life also doesn’t have much drama. So I end up writing more random and casual posts rather than deep and engaging ones. 😛

        And yes, please please please write something about a Sidney Sheldon character!! I would loveee to read it! 😀

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      2. Hahahahaha that we do.:P
        And even if I write one about a Sheldon character,how are you going to figure that out huh?:P
        It’s not like I mention the inspiring character with every post.*sly grin*

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      3. Oh nooo don’t do that!! Tell me through email or something who the character is! Please? Only tell me about the Sidney Sheldon character. I won’t ask you anything about the other poems. And I’ll keep my mouth zipped about your little secret. 😛

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      4. Hahahahahahahah don’t you worry,girl!I was just pulling your leg.I will mention it in the post or something.Or I will email you.Don’t you worry.:D 💋
        But let me first decide who I am going to write about.I love them all:Kate Blackwell, Elizabeth, Tony, Lara, Alexendra…I would mention the names of all the heroines if I don’t stop.And you know what?I even love Eve a little bit.She was vicious but very clever too.And MAX!
        I should stop,alright.I will definitely tell you when I can decide to write about one.:P


      5. Hahaha, I thought its another one of your ‘secrets’. Like how no one here knows your name. 😛 I thought even your posts have mysterious tinge!

        Write about Lara! Or Tracy!

        And yeah, I like Eve too. Only some parts of her character, obviously.

        Don’t forget to tell me! I read all your posts anyway, so I’ll know when you’ve written something even if you forget to tell me! 😀

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      6. Hahahahahahahah see,the thing is,a few weeks ago no one knew I had a blog. Like seriously.Then I told my mumma papa and my brother along with one of my roomies.So,the thing is,I don’t want people in the “real” world to know I have a blog.Not because of some ulterior motive but for the simple reason that I love mysteries and secrets.:D
        I love that element of unpredictability;suspense.
        Hell,most people don’t even know that I write.Only a handful.:|

        Well,I got a bit off track there.^:P
        Yes,I will surely write about one of these awesomeness-filled women.♥

        And I am thankful for that.And honored, too.I know for a fact you read all my posts. You always tell me what you think about them,or if there’s something relatable in my post for you.Thank you soooo much for that.♥💋

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      7. Hey, don’t you thank me for that! 😀

        And yes, very less people know that I blog, too. I haven’t told anyone because this is a place I’m totally me. No adulteration. And well, some people I know – they’re quite judgmental. I’d told my parents about blogging, though. They both aren’t interested in checking it out, lol. Or maybe they’re giving me my privacy.

        Now there are soooo many posts that I wouldn’t want my parents to read. Even though I’m quite open with them, I’m uncomfortable with them reading my posts. :/


      8. Hahahahahahha I feel you,dude.
        But unlike you,my mumma do read my posts sometimes.Sometimes I just hand over my phone to her to read,whether she wants to or not.:P
        And papa,too.Not often,but yeah,a few times.:D

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