#11:The Wishlist

❤My Wishlist❤

What I wish I could do without caring about shit.

Sleep all day.
Eat all night. Umm,not all night,maybe. That doesn’t sound like such a good idea in writing.:|
Read all the good mystery/suspense/thriller novels in the world.
Write like Sydney Sheldon
WEAR HEELS. PUMPS. PLATFORMS. HIGH HEELS. ANY HEELS. And not fall down on my damn face.👠😍

My current love.😍

Wear my pajamas all day long.
Sing like there’s no tomorrow. Even though I kinda suck. I mean, people tell me I have got a good enough voice,but that’s where my talent for singing ends. Now that I come to think of it, I do that already. Sing,I mean. It’s just not pleasant to hear me wail.
Dance all around. I cannot dance in front of people. I don’t wanna hurt them with my, umm, abilities.
Never go outside my house. And I would die a happy girl.
Never “Socialise”. I am not anti-social or anything, but I don’t wanna socialise until and unless I want to. I mean, my socializing urges vary with my mood. Sometimes I become a social butterfly (just not that pretty-.-). Other times I am like that blind bat at night. Not a good analogy,I suppose.
Click great pictures without having to set anything up. Naturally. The blurry,over bright mess is tiring,seriously.*sighs*



105 thoughts on “#11:The Wishlist

      1. Oh ok… But aren’t they small wishes?
        If God appears and gives you a wish… What would you ask?
        A nice voice to sing?? Or great writing skills to write? Aren’t they small wishes?😀😀

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      2. You are senior to me in blogging with 1300 followers, and me with 48 followers…

        You know right you were my first follower *emotional* 😜


      1. Hahaha I knowwww!But WP is a global platform. That’s where you gotta wake up from the stupor and think…

        Did I tell you I am really good at exaggerating stuff which comes to my mind out of nowhere? -.-
        Excuse me.*grumbles*

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  1. Well, tiny list for a girl. But, you must know what the wise say about appearances, trust me, butterflies are NOT pretty.. Not whining about all this, but but but one of those things sat on my forehead, only to give me a freaking pimple that lasted a whole damn week !! 😥 *whines* I mean not even IT would be lasting for so long..! -.-

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    1. I know!This is just the first installment. 😛
      These are the small ones;”easy ones”.
      And I am not drowning in the sea of insecurities. It’s just that butterflies are SUPPOSED to be pretty.Hence,the mention.It was just a wayward mention,trust me.
      And I am so sorry to hear that.From now on,butterflies are NOT pretty.They are evil.How about that?*raises eyebrows and smirks*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That seems as perfect as perfection can get.. Evil butterflies, reminds me of Ice Age 3,.. those in the weasel’s backyard!! *frivolously simpers after a clumsy snort* How do I not tell you I’m not waiting for the next instalment? Every which way I find, maybe :3 Make it intricate! 😛 *hears the clock tick him good night and *falls asleep**


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