“Woe is we.”


The silences;
The unspoken challenges

The feeling
Gosh!I am reeling

One word
Don’t leave me at the turf

The chances,
To redeem the useless haunches

Don’t go
Woe is we;time to let go.



42 thoughts on ““Woe is we.”

      1. I mean,I am not that good but still thank you.
        So,I smile sheepishly whenever I know it’s not all that true but I am thankful anyway.:P
        So when someone praises something I have done which I don’t think is all that remarkable but they mention it sweetly?I smile “sheepishly”.:D

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      2. Lol… I don’t praise someone with out any stuff in them. May be it might look like a sarcastic praise, but that’s a true thought. Anyway please don’t mind, if you did.

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      3. Hahahaha no,not at all.As I said before,I am flattered that you think I am so good at English.But I think there are many more who are even better,which is obviously true.Thus the sheepish smile.:D


      1. I mean start a new stream, like a new season and start giving a topic and ask to submit in a specified time. Ask to send all those posts via mail. Then you post all of them in a new stream post. The post which gets more likes and comments wins….😜😜try something new… What say? Liked it?

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      2. Yup.Definitely. That’s a great idea. But I know for a fact that people won’t participate. Atleast not more than a couple.Even if so many people are following me,quite a few of them don’t really even read my posts, let alone follow through on such stuff. Hell!They won’t even try.:/
        But I love the idea,nonetheless. 🙂

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      3. As a friend “maybe” congrats for 1300 but, 1300 people follow you that means atleast 50% read your posts right!!! So that’s my point… Use your following to do something different… Trust me it works.

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