25 things that just tick me off!


¥When it rains out of nowhere and I am out
¥Leaking bottles
¥Continuous staring
¥Fake praise
¥When I can’t find an emoji which expresses what I want to say
¥Liars I catch
¥Bad letter formation
¥Dirty nails
¥Sharing my food. Others’ Saliva! Uhh
¥Gloomy atmosphere
¥Bad pronunciations
¥And wrong spellings
¥Someone using a word with similar meaning, and yet not
¥Sweating like a pig
¥Dirty windowpanes
¥Over-sweet people
¥When I am dying to get something and I get to know that the company no longer produces that
¥Badly written books
¥Bestfriend/True friend shit
¥Disgusting food
¥And not so disgusting food
¥Ill-fitting clothes
¥Being forced to get up in the morning for…stuff.
¥Gross smelling people

This might sound weird to you.Trust me,I know. But these are the things which just rub me the wrong way. There are many more. What can I say?I get irritated very easily. But these are the ones that popped into my mind the moment I thought about the…ticks.
Anyway,what’s yours?:/



60 thoughts on “25 things that just tick me off!

  1. Hahaha, why bestfriend/true friend thing, though? I have only two ‘true friends’ in my life and I really value them – like I know when I fall, they’ll be there to catch me. It’s a nice feeling.

    Okay, I might have annoyed you, I’m sorry! But still, why do you don’t like it?

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    1. I knowwww!People generally have a couple of best friends.And I don’t care about that.Not my concern.My mother has,too.Big deal.-.-
      The thing is,I don’t believe in one.As simple as that.People generally don’t believe it when I say that.But I just…don’t.So,others can have best friends.No problem.
      What ticks me off is people claiming to be my best friends when I don’t believe in this shi…umm,stuff. They don’t get it when I say I don’t want one.

      Pheww!That was one big rant.*sheepish smile*

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      1. Hahaha, okay, no, I get it. I really do. There was a time when I used to think the term ‘best’friend is really stupid, because it’s not right to categorise your friends like that – she’s my bestfriend, she’s a good friend, she’s just a normal friend, etc.
        They’re all FRIENDS and that’s what matters.

        But then again, there are a couple of people I just cannot club with the others. They hold a special place in my life, and always will – atleast I hope so, lol.

        So yeah, there was a time when I hated the concept of bestfriends, too.

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  2. Names that I can’t pronounce or my name which ppl can’t tend pronounce..

    I get a lot of ” SOFIYA???” Or worse ” SOB- EEYA ?? ” lemme get you a gist of that [ SOB as in 😥 and EEYA as in ole Mac Donald’s EEYA EEYA YOOO]

    Pretty infuriating for me… How hard can 6 alphabets get?? 😒😒

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    1. Hahhahahahaha I know I shouldn’t laugh at your umm…predicament, but it’s funny as hell.:P
      But I see where you’re coming from. When people pronounce simplest of names wrong,it is damn irritating. 😐
      Thankfully,my name is easy.:D
      (Just don’t ask me what it is)


  3. I agree with most of these. Another would be sharing my drink and cigarette..I smoke. Also, someone who asks too many questions at once like, “are you okay” “you sure you’re okay” “are you mad at me.” Just stop! Smacking their gum or food in their mouths, can not stand this. If I ask you to do something, don’t wait a century later to do it, just effin do it. Hahahaha and many more. I enjoyed your list. 🙂

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    1. Hahahahahahaha all the points you mentioned? True!True!True!(Although I don’t smoke.Or drink.:P) lol
      Even normal,everyday shit annoys me sometimes.-.-
      I could write such lists all frigging day.That’s the extent of stuff which irritates me.But I probably shouldn’t mention that on WP. I am already a certified whacko.*sheepish smile*
      By the way,I am glad you liked the list.:D

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  4. Continuous staring is definitely one especially when you look at them and they still stare! Also please check out my blog trend21setter, its about celebrity fashion and trends . Thx.

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