My papa,my hero.♥

He is a legend. A man worth talking about. A man who people admire. And praise. Honest-to-God praises. He is an inspiration to everyone around him. An honest man. One who is known for stuff only found in books, nowadays. He loves like nobody’s business. And protects like a papa bear. He is sweet when you expect him to. And even when you don’t. And he treats you like you’re the most important person in the moment. He is polite. He listens. Really listens. And appreciates. He doesn’t hesitate in telling you that he’s proud of you. And he’s amazingly intelligent. An adjusting person by nature,he won’t let you down if you ever go to him for help. Ever. And he understands. He has tremendous patience for most stuff. Others?Not so much. But that’s expected. He is human, afterall. And that’s another awesome thing about him. He is human. Humanly wonderful. He hearts simplicity. No flashy shit for him. And he compromises. For his family. For his people. He is someone you would want in your life. You would want to know. And spend time with. You just got to love him. Like I do. He is a father. A very good one at that. He is a father. He is my father. He is my papa. ♥



49 thoughts on “My papa,my hero.♥

  1. That’s so sweet , there’s not a lot of people like him. Also please check out my blog trend21setter, its about celebrity fashion and trends . Thx.

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