What is the saddest truth about life?


Amateur dreamer and wanderer

1. The majority of the people in the world are stuck in the wrong job.
And only a negligible few would realize their innermost dreams.

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12 thoughts on “What is the saddest truth about life?

    1. I don’t generally reblog other people’s post.I might have reblogged a couple in all the time I have been on WP.But this?This is awesome!:D
      I had to reblog it.:)
      And I am sure you’ll get many more reblogs in future.Patience is the key.:D

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  1. It is sad how people do jobs they can’t stand. I’ve tried it. But couldn’t last in a soul destroying position. I have to be grateful I’ve 95 % worked in jobs I love, that keep my creative talent flowing.
    Perhaps it’s situational? Or people don’t find their passion? Don’t take the chance? Or feel they have no choice? It’s an interesting topic for discussion.

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  2. I agree and I think we are conditioned to settle. Others can cause you to believe your dreams are too unattainable and sadly, many begin to believe the lie themselves. I think that is how many dreams die. But if you don’t try, what really is the point? Live a passionless life until you die?

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