There’s Still Hope


Scary possibilities
High probabilities
Losing faith
Unstable gait
Blurred eyes
Shining bright
Crooked smile
Unusual style.



36 thoughts on “There’s Still Hope

      1. 😀 , by the way please help me decide a theme for my blog m getting confused among; twenty fifteen, twenty thirteen and saga. oh please oh please help me!!!


      2. Now see.My view is going to be a biased one because,well,I like saga.So,I would suggest everybody to go for it.:P
        Now that’s not really helpful,is it?:P
        So,it’s upto you to decide which one you like best.It depends on your content too.What all you’re posting about and stuff.So think it over and then decide.:)


      3. yeah, but as i told you, m confused between these three…and my contents is all about my real life experiences and thoughts(random)…please….give me a final verdict please…


      4. Okaay.Well,why don’t you try Writr? It is especially designed for personal blogs and the main focus would be on the stuff you write.:)
        If you want one outta the three you mentioned, try saga only.:P
        What say?


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