Just another step.

The Indian fields...

The stretching greens,
The jeweled blues,
The fluffy clouds,
Are calling for you.
Take a step.
Another one.
Try the path of valiants.
The peace will engulf you.



36 thoughts on “Just another step.

  1. Woww, which place is this?! 💜 💜 💜
    I loved the way you expressed it, by the way. I feel this when I’m in my native place too (only SOMETIMES), but I’m never able to express is this well!

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    1. This is my hometown, actually.The backdrop of my previous place,to be precise.My colony ended there. I love that view.Whenever I had time,I would go stand in my balcony and admire the view.It’s awesome,isn’t it?:D
      I am not able to do justice to the beauty.Neither in words,nor the picture. *sheepish smile*


      1. Hi there. I just saw your reply to my comment as I was stalking your blog. 😛 I hadn’t gotten any notification about this!

        And I don’t know the ship has sailed, but I just want to say: its beautiful. Both, your words and the picture. 🙂

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    1. I was just going through my gallery and came across the picture.I must have clicked it sometime while I was still living at my previous place.It’s the view from my balcony.I just felt the urge to write.
      Afterall,almost all my pieces are spur of the moment and posted the next.:P
      By the way,thank you so much. :D:*

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