6 blog “hacks” when you dunno what to post

Listening to me,that is.

#Post a cutesy picture. Don’t expect all those likes and shares you have been getting lately, though. You are not that good of a photographer. Blurred, out-of-focus pictures aren’t everybody’s cup of tea_err_coffee,you know.

#Cry your eyes out (virtually is preferable) with a heart wrenching tale. We wouldn’t want you to be a blind,bloody mess,now would we?That would be just sad.

#A crappy poem! Doesn’t really work. Just saying. But try, if you may.

#Rant and vent. Might as well entertain people with your non-sensical babble and the sordid details you have been dying to spread around. Some poor soul in need of a bad joke might laugh at your excuse of a life.

#Give stupid tips.
Sounds familar?^
I bet,it does.Sorry for this.
I am really not good at this stuff. I post it, anyway. Something is definitely wrong with me.

#Don’t bloody post. The only alternative with next to none side effects.People won’t unfollow you because you posted something ridiculous. That’s something, atleast.
But they just might, anyway. No guarantees.



32 thoughts on “6 blog “hacks” when you dunno what to post

      1. Can you tell me how to mention the name of blogger that, when you click on the name it opens the blog of the blogger?
        I wanted to mention you on my last post


      2. See,there’s this chain link sign🔗at the bottom of the post before you post it.Where you get the post settings thingie from where you tag and stuff?
        Click on that and then give the link to the blog you want to open and the name you want to be visible in your post.
        Umm,do you get it?Sorry,I don’t think I explained all that well.Listen,if you have a problem still,tell me.I will email you the steps with pictures,okay?


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