Unnerving silences.

Unmoving silences.

The humming continued. He turned the corner and started walking towards the sound. It was coming from the abandoned parking lot. He stopped just outside the entrance and looked around. The place was as barren as a bird’s nest after the storm has hit. He tried to look inside and get some clue as to what was happening inside. He couldn’t see a damn thing. Those night vision goggles would come in handy right now. He didn’t have any. What luck! He gathered courage and decided it was now or never. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. And then started walking. The place looked like something out of a bad action film with abandoned broken cars and the still air. There wasn’t another sound he could hear except for his fast breathing and the formidable humming. He had to, had to locate it. They were coming. For him. For it. They needed it for some mob business. He didn’t know what he was looking for, exactly. Except for the fact that it hummed like nobody’s business. To him, atleast. Nobody else seemed to hear it. It was as if his ears were attuned to the sounds of doom. He had to find it because not finding it wasn’t an option. He had already lost his wife. He couldn’t bear to lose his baby girl,too. He wouldn’t be able to live. They had her. Those monsters_mobsters_had her. As a hostage. Who did that? She was a kid, for god’s sake. He refused to lose her. He started following the sound with a new found determination. Navigating through the rows and rows of cars parked, he suddenly stopped. The humming had grown. It sounded like it was just a few yards away. He started towards a dark SUV that stood out among the kiddo cars. It looked undamaged and had a light shining from inside. He approached it and looked inside. The first thing he saw was a bundle. A bundle that looked like just big enough to be a baby. The blanket the baby was wrapped in looked familiar. Something about the birds…WHAAA?That was HIS baby. His. He jerked the handle of the door, trying to get to her. She seemed to be unmoving. The door seemed to be locked. He tried and tried but to no avail. No no no no no. How was she here? Why had they left her here? Suddenly the humming turned up several notches. It sounded familiar now. Like a timer of a…and the pieces clicked into place like a puzzle a second before the car went up in flames burning him to the bones. He had been set up. He wasn’t supposed to find anything for them. He was supposed to find them. Or their token. He was supposed to die. He cried for his baby who burned in front of him. He cried because he couldn’t move to go to her. He cried for everything lost. He cried for all the lives he had destroyed while working for them. Suddenly breathing became even more difficult. He started gasping just as the car next to him went up in flames destroying all the evidence. Of his existence. Of him.



34 thoughts on “Unnerving silences.

  1. Umm waow. That was intense? I don’t know if that is the right word. But it was something.
    But did the kid really need to die? Couldn’t she make some dramatic bollywood escape?
    Like mata rani could come, or some divine intervention.

    I know I am blabbering. But I am upset she had to die. :/

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    1. Hahahahahha
      I am sorry for that.I didn’t even think about saving her.:|
      Guess I am heartless, afterall.
      I will try to spare the kids in future.
      I killed her maybe to show how her father’s actions decided her fate.:/
      That doesn’t even make sense.-.-

      Liked by 1 person

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