1000 follows,people!*AWESTRUCK*♥


So,it’s finally time. Yes. I have reached 1000. What,you ask?
You people! You!☝
Yes! Un-freaking-believable, I know.

As I have mentioned time and again,I started WANDERINGVIOLET because of my need for introspection. I had felt like I needed someplace to vent, to talk, to laugh, to smile, to be my sarcastic-rude-psycho self, to write, to try my hand at humor, to be the Over-the-top dramatic girl I am known to be, to be my honest self….umm,the list goes on and on,so I am gonna stop now. *sheepish smile*
Well, you get my drift, don’t you? You get me. You sweet, kind, adorable, complimenting creature, you! Every one outta you 1000 gets me. And everybody else out there too. You know why?Because we are kindred. We write about ourselves. We write about our lives. We write about each other. We write about us. We write for us.
In these few months I have been on WP,I have learned so much. You people love till you cannot anymore. You fight till you can’t. You care even if you’re hurting. You all have problems. Yet you’re always there for each other. For me.

I don’t say I LOVE YOU, much.I don’t believe in the existence of that emotion. But I use it to show I care, sometimes,because others associate it with care. And I never fail to mention that.:P
Yet,I feel like saying it now. To all of you.
👆There.I said it.
You all are awesome! ♥ 💋
I love you. Woah. Again!
You must have done some mumbo-jumbo on me.:P
I appreciate you.I am so thankful for you all.



100 thoughts on “1000 follows,people!*AWESTRUCK*♥

  1. WOWOWOW. This is awesome, Miss violet! (am I allowed to know your name? :P)
    How many months have you been here?! You said ‘few’. 1000 follows in a few months? Unbelievable.
    But not so unbelievable for a person like you. 🙂

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    1. Haha
      Sorry to disappoint. But I love the anonymity. It is gruel.:P
      And as I love to read mysteries,I love the mysterious angle in my life,too.I always like to keep some stuff to myself.I love the feeling of having the upper hand.
      Does that sound like whacko behavior? 😛

      And, I actually started the blog in late January.But I wasn’t really into it till the last week of March.I didn’t post much.I didn’t log in for weeks. In the last week of March,I actually had some time on my hands.That’s when I tried to make an effort.I actually started posting.And BAM!I realised I actually enjoyed writing.
      And people liked my stuff,however non-sensical it was.:)
      So,to be honest,I actually started blogging in the last week of March.:)
      And I am not all that good,as you seem to think.I have no idea why people follow me.:P

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      1. Hahah, no the love for anonymity makes total sense! I love it, too. But I just thought it would be better if I was called ‘shubhada’ instead of ‘love expressing’.

        And, let me do this again – WOWOWOW. This is such a short time!! Congratulations, love! And don’t be modest. You’re an adorable blogger – as I mentioned earlier – and that’s why you’ve got people who like reading your stuff! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahahah that makes sense,actually.”Heya Love expressing” would have been kinda awkward. Lol Violet sounds like a name,atleast.:P
        Thank you so so so much! ♥
        You’re sweet,you know that? 💋

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      3. Hahah, I know! “Hey Love expressing, I like your blog, but I don’t like your name. So I’m gonna have to unfollow you.”
        Now, who would want that?!

        And I know I’m sweet. 😀 😛

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      4. Hahaha. No no no. I like high fives too.
        And I too, should sleep. Mum’s gonna start shouting if I don’t get up by nine!
        So G’night, violet! (ughh, I really need to know your name. This is the case of forbidden fruit.)

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      5. Really! Few months and so many followers that’s like you serve Maaaayooooo extra toppings in your blog. WohhhMan that’s inspirational.

        It feels like an ummm say an ant before an elephant! You have the magic then.

        Great work. Keep Up.

        (*Silently please share some secrets 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      6. The kid in ‘the book of life’, he says in a special tone…. Maaayooo

        To be wandering like Miss violet! There is no secret, well then it seems we have to find it on our own!

        Write from the bottom of our heart n sometimes use our heads.

        Thanks for your inspiring post. Helps us to make a stop and rethink.

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    1. Thank you so much. 😀
      Well,I actually started the blog in late January.But I started paying attention to it and made an effort in the last week of March.
      Before that I didn’t log in for weeks and didn’t
      post often.:/
      That’s about it.:)
      So ,it’s upto you to decide when I actually started “blogging”.:P

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      1. Welcome..but you know for bloggers like us..we look up to you..right? So thats why haha. Wish you could do something but it is fine,may be you could just do a post for bloggers who have just started out and motivating them on your part 🙂

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  2. Congratulations! I started writing on here for the same reasons, a good place to vent and explore some of my more assertive thoughts. I’m happy to know that there is a community out there for us!

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