The sky high stilettos,
                         The slutty dress,
                      The vulgar dancing,
                          A broken mess.

This is so unlike me.I have never written anything like this.But this came out of nowhere, I guess.:/



20 thoughts on “Prejudices.

      1. I can sense it.
        Explore everything that comes to you, try to enjoy, be happy, get sad and cry. Take life as it comes. Preserve yourself that what makes you special.

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      2. Yes. My idea is. Someday I will be taking up it as my secondary job interest. I was to post about it today but I am waiting to make my content concrete.

        Thanks for your suggestion. If it felt so that means I have stepped on the path.

        Well for you do remember and enjoy.
        Keep smiling even when you have tears, it feels different.

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