Nefarious Nineteen!

                     So,I am finally 19,and:

Bitter truth

Yes,I am 19.Finally.And nothing much has changed except for the million phone calls I have answered since waking up and talking to the billion relatives I haven’t talked to in a year.
Yup.That’s pretty much it.*Nods with a thoughtful expression*
Now since I don’t like birthdays much,I don’t like the birthday plans much,either.But the rents!They have to have plans,however much you don’t want them to.*grumbles*
Well Whatevs.I just wanted to vent about being 19 and how “different” and “fun” it seems to be.*sighs*
Thanks for not hitting me on the head.You people sure have loads of patience, I must say.
Thank you!! ♥
Oopsie!Gotta go.Another one of those million calls from those billion relatives…



53 thoughts on “Nefarious Nineteen!

  1. Sweet!

    You will get this drift more often if not for once. Whatever happens be cool.

    Very Happy Birthday Miss Violet 🙂

    Well no planning, I would say let’s do something different this year.

    EoD its your last year in the teens!

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      1. Hmm mmh

        Well most of the times we don’t.
        You know the beauty of lies in the present. It is ‘Right This Moment’. No comparison what so ever

        Every phase has its own beauty and wonders. I am sure you did well till now and you will do even more wonders.

        Rock On !

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    1. Thank you, again!:D
      Yes,about the party.Now since I cannot really reveal my identity, you would have to make do with the visual treat.:P
      And yes! THE CAKE! 🎂
      Lol childish, aren’t I?:P

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